Monday, April 20, 2009

Whassup, Bro', Obama Tells Chavez

The name-calling is OVER! For a few moments at least. A nice little tete-a-tete between Hugo Chavez Barack Obama resulted in an exchange of books, a fraternal handshake, and a temporary end to the name calling. A week before the President's visit, Chavez called Obama an "ignoramus." When the two met, however, it was all smiles and brotherhood, evidenced by an intimate handshake of the type reserved for one’s closest friends.

A little bit more reserve would have been in order there, Barack. Since it was your first time meeting Chavez, you might have stood your ground with a formal diplomatic style handshake. As it was, you appeared to be inviting him into your inner circle as a brother.

About the book, okay, you had no way of refusing a gift but, in your infinite wisdom, you could have at least indicated, by some phrase, retort, or gesture, that you were not about to join hands with socialist revolutionaries and sing the Internationale. Sooner or later, you’ll have to act in America’s best interests so, to be speechless in defense of America, presents an image of weakness to our aggressive critics and enemies.

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