Monday, April 6, 2009

Turks Arrest Man Who Wanted to Stab Obama

The story was first reported by the Arab newspaper Al Watan but it went out to the rest of the world through the Jerusalem Post and now everyone's scratching their heads about the man the Turkish police arrested for trying to kill President Obama.

The would-be assassin was arrested today by Turkish authorities and confessed his intent to kill the U.S. president. The man is said to be a Syrian who had been living in Turkey for several years. When arrested by Turkish authorities, the man was carrying an Al Jazeera press pass which he intened to use to get close to Obama. One of the news sources reported that the man professed to have three accomplices but no further information was given about the man or his companions.

Turkish authorities didn't release the man's name nor did they film the interrogation of the would-be assassin. The political activist group MoveOn Dot Org has not indicated whether they suspect the man had been tortured to obtaina confession, nor have they pressured the American Red Cross to visit. Errrr....make that Red Crescent....

Allah be praised for the free press at Al Watan. Leaving it to the "drivebys" would have allowed Obama's staff to hide it from public view. It interferes with the rosy picture they are painting of Obama's triumphant world jaunt.

Editors Note: I have been praying daily, even before Obama was elected, that nothing should happen to the man. Of course, I also prayed that McCain would be elected instead.)

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