Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties Send Clear Message to Obama Administration

Look for the Tea Parties to continue into the next election cycle. Even small towns have held them. Expect the Tea Parties to pick up steam now that many middle class people who voted for President Obama are unhappy with looming out-of-control taxation. People have figured out that the government has gotten out of control, making a “Great Leap Forward” after fifteen years without tax increases.

Of course, tax increases by the states have gobbled up worker’s earnings and forced businesses out of high tax states. California’s nearly bankrupt and Gov. Paterson is trying to bankrupt New York with new state taxes. On the national level, the massive public debt will triple under the Obama program, and is currently being financed by our fellow Americans in Communist China.

But don't worry, we'll just appoint another "Czar." There's Obama's new auto task force "czar" and the new border "czar" so why not just appoint a "Bleed the Hard-working Taxpayer Czar?"

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