Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strategic Plan for Somali Pirates: Public Fretting and Hand-Wringing

It’s really wild to hear the effete media talking about how it’s “impossible” to do anything about the Somali pirates. To them, it’s impossible to do anything to improve your lot, except fret and wring their hands, as they were doing for days before three Navy sharpshooters saved Captain Phillips.

I’m not a military expert but I’m not a defeatist either. We can brainstorm this thing and come up with a lot of solutions, I’m sure.

Rig up some decoy boats and float them through the Gulf of Aden to tempt the pirates. The decoy boats could be sufficiently armed to do the job or the firepower could come from other ships. Monitor the action with predator drones, as they did in the Maersk Alabama incident.

Although U.N troops don’t actually do anything, we could at least pretend to have a contingent of U.N soldiers monitoring the Somalia ports and docks to put pressure on the pirates. Even a “pretend” force is at least a message that the world community is united in the purpose of keeping the sea lanes open.

Air-drop leaflets informing fishermen and others of a thousand-yard rule for approaching small boats. After a period of time, begin strict enforcement, blowing violators out of the water. It’s possible that, in this scenario, some peripheral damage could be done, but let’s not forget that the Merchant Marine crews are also “innocent” people who are merely trying to make a living while carrying on world trade and relief efforts.

I could go on all day but I won’t. I do have lots of ideas, though, and so do you. Hand-wringing and self-flagellation are low on my list. Wait minute… I think the Pentagon is calling on my red line.

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