Monday, April 27, 2009

O'Grady: The Idiot's Bible -

O'Grady: The Idiot's Bible - WSJ.comAfter President Obama's brotherly handshake with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, autocrat Chavez gave Obama a book called "Open Veins of Latin America." Noone has bothered to ask Obama if he's read it already, if he's going to read it, or what he thinks about it. And of course, with no teleprompter available, Obama was speechless on the issue of democracy in Latin America.

Three prominent Latin American writers have called the book Obama received the "Idiot's Bible." Apparently, it's a stuck in cement view of 70s yankee-go-home-imperialism and us-and-them mentality. If that mentality had validity in the first place, Cuba would be a model for all the world instead of a nation frozen in time.

Read this Wall Street Journal article about the book if you want to know...

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