Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Team Recommends Easing Penalties on Crack Cocaine

Do we need a special "Granny Law?" Perhaps.

The Obama administration wants to ease the penalties for crack cocaine. The reason given is that it “unfairly targets” African-American communities. In other words, the Obama people are telling us that African-Americans are selling or using crack cocaine to a greater extent than the rest of us. I don’t know if that’s true; we’ve seen plenty of “white” crackheads lounging wild-eyed around the stoops.

The “deal” is that you get a minimum sentence of five years for 500 grams of powder cocaine and the same five years for 5 grams of crack.

The police organizations of America agree that there should be no disparity in sentencing. They want to make the sentences equal. Five grams of cocaine, whether crack or powder cocaine, should give you the minimum sentence.

This all shows you how screwed up the Obama administration really is when it comes to criminal law. The police chiefs want to get after those pampered white yuppies or muppies or preppies who acquire 5 grams of powder for a swell party on the Upper East Side or down below Houston. The cops have the right idea. It doesn’t make any sense to have an overall easing of cocaine policy. We all know what that money goes to support, that cocaine and heroin dealing go hand-in-hand with drug violence.

The Obama position is just another indication of the extent to which surrealism has crept into governmental functions. Pandering to people by encouraging a victim mentality, as the Obama drug plan would do, makes a mockery of police efforts at cutting down on drugs and violence on American streets. Cocaine is not black, not Hispanic, not Caucasian, not Asian—it’s an illegal and dangerous drug. It corrupts communities and people of every stripe.

Case in point, our local small-burg newspaper today arrested two Caucasian grannies yesterday for dealing illegal drugs (heroin, in this case) to the tune of $10,000 per week. Both “white,” the arrested grannies were age 65 and 70 respectively, and were sisters.

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