Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Morning Praise Hour with Mika Brezinski and Mickey Geist continues over on MSNBC. Brezinski and Geist mentioned at least 10,000 times that the president has a high approval rating conveniently tied to his overseas ambassadorial trip. First of all, I don’t believe in the polls they’re citing—I think the Obama Praise Hour finds the people they poll on the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos. If you dip your toe in a pond of Liberal Groupthink, you will find a lot of approbation of a left-liberal politician, but you will not have a realistic view of anything.

What is Obama doing, anyway? Does it accomplish a single thing? Don’t we have ambassadors for this? A state department? I thought it was their job to “make nice.” Obama failed in the one area where he might have done some good but there was a precedent for that. It was Obama’s job on the Foreign Affairs Europe committee to get Germans and French aboard for military assistance in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet he never showed up or convened a single meeting. I suppose he was waiting for his great moment on the world stage, which came and went with nothing accomplished in that direction. Once again, the Germans and French told Obama that they were not putting their troops in harm’s way. Plenty of “bonhomie” and 3,000 more bodies for the “non-combat” experience and training. Leaving our guys by themselves. Is that the way the Democrats define “success?” Apparently. The toady driveby media does the rest of the job. There were some bumps in the Obama road, however:

• President Obama, in England, told the world he was looking for a “foreigner” in the news media, an embarrassing gaffe.

• President Obama apologized to all and sundry for American “sins” going back hundreds of years.

• President Obama equivocated about “disarmament” as the North Koreans fired a nuclear missile test over Japan and toward the U.S. Pacific coast.

• President Obama failed to get the Europeans to put any more stimulus money into their economies to match the U.S. effort. That may have been a bad plan, as the Europeans believe, but it was THE PLAN.

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