Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrysler Files Bankruptcy

President Obama made the right decision, sort of, in pushing Chrysler into bankruptcy. The "sort of" part of it is that he demonized some of Chrysler creditors by criticizing " a handful of speculators" who wouldn't go for the government's easy-pass terms.

Now the thing to watch is the court proceedings where the judge decides what happens to the billions taxpayers (through the Obama team) already loaned to Chrysler. I'm sure there' some kind of government largesse the President Obama is planning, but the manuevers to disguise the fact promise to be both thrilling and illuminating.

Stay tuned for Three Card Monte.

VP Biden Attempts to Bankrupt Travel Industry

How Biden can say those idiotic things with such verve, such enthusiasm, such authority! On the day Chrysler files bankruptcy, Biden tried to do the President one better by telling people not to travel on airlines or other closed public transit systems.

"Someone coughs next to you and bingo!"

You'll die, according to Biden. You can almost hear him:

"G'head, airline passenger--make my day!"

Obama Team Recommends Easing Penalties on Crack Cocaine

Do we need a special "Granny Law?" Perhaps.

The Obama administration wants to ease the penalties for crack cocaine. The reason given is that it “unfairly targets” African-American communities. In other words, the Obama people are telling us that African-Americans are selling or using crack cocaine to a greater extent than the rest of us. I don’t know if that’s true; we’ve seen plenty of “white” crackheads lounging wild-eyed around the stoops.

The “deal” is that you get a minimum sentence of five years for 500 grams of powder cocaine and the same five years for 5 grams of crack.

The police organizations of America agree that there should be no disparity in sentencing. They want to make the sentences equal. Five grams of cocaine, whether crack or powder cocaine, should give you the minimum sentence.

This all shows you how screwed up the Obama administration really is when it comes to criminal law. The police chiefs want to get after those pampered white yuppies or muppies or preppies who acquire 5 grams of powder for a swell party on the Upper East Side or down below Houston. The cops have the right idea. It doesn’t make any sense to have an overall easing of cocaine policy. We all know what that money goes to support, that cocaine and heroin dealing go hand-in-hand with drug violence.

The Obama position is just another indication of the extent to which surrealism has crept into governmental functions. Pandering to people by encouraging a victim mentality, as the Obama drug plan would do, makes a mockery of police efforts at cutting down on drugs and violence on American streets. Cocaine is not black, not Hispanic, not Caucasian, not Asian—it’s an illegal and dangerous drug. It corrupts communities and people of every stripe.

Case in point, our local small-burg newspaper today arrested two Caucasian grannies yesterday for dealing illegal drugs (heroin, in this case) to the tune of $10,000 per week. Both “white,” the arrested grannies were age 65 and 70 respectively, and were sisters.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is Your City on the White House Target List?

I wonder what city will next get buzzed by Air Force One and its escort of F-16s today. Rumor has it that the president’s White House team has filed secret flight plans to target a different city every day. Of course, not every city in America has a Statue of Liberty in its harbor to create a proper backdrop for one of the president’s slick rides. New York City was chosen to be the first American city to be buzzed by the signature passenger plane and its F-16 escort precisely because it presents the perfect photo opportunity for a White House team insecure about its national defense profile. Americans can be justly proud of the Obama administration in launching and keeping secret what President Obama called “classified” information about the New York City fly-over.

“Mission accomplished,” said the White House team.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs seemed surprised at the negative public reaction to the flyover during his daily press briefing April 28. Gibbs seemed to forget he was Obama’s press spokesperson when he advised reporters to contact the White House for further information. Gibbs had to be reminded of his position by a quick thinking Fox News Network reporter. Gibbs took issue with the reporter's mild rebuke.

“It wasn’t as if we dropped a JDAM on ‘em or anything,” commented Gibbs, a wry smile softening his features.

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Obama, UAW, and GM Alliance to Form a New GM - Associated Content

An Obama, UAW, and GM Alliance to Form a New GM - Associated Content

O'Grady: The Idiot's Bible -

O'Grady: The Idiot's Bible - WSJ.comAfter President Obama's brotherly handshake with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, autocrat Chavez gave Obama a book called "Open Veins of Latin America." Noone has bothered to ask Obama if he's read it already, if he's going to read it, or what he thinks about it. And of course, with no teleprompter available, Obama was speechless on the issue of democracy in Latin America.

Three prominent Latin American writers have called the book Obama received the "Idiot's Bible." Apparently, it's a stuck in cement view of 70s yankee-go-home-imperialism and us-and-them mentality. If that mentality had validity in the first place, Cuba would be a model for all the world instead of a nation frozen in time.

Read this Wall Street Journal article about the book if you want to know...

Obama Silent on Stepped Up Iraq Bloodshed

Stepped up attacks by homicide-suicide bombers in Iraq are directed at the apparent weakness of the new Obama administration and its pullback at any cost policy.

Leave it to the Obama team to diligently snatch failure from the jaws of victory. Could anyone have given a clearer message to the enemies of a democratic Iraq than this administration? How many times did Obama rally his pacifist legions on the campaign trail with exhortations of an Iraq withdrawal? This willingness to put partisan politics above all political reality will damage Iraq and strengthen the Taliban and Al Qaeda alliance, and threaten other governments in the region. And now Obama remains desperately silent, refusing to stand up for the great sacrifices made by Americans and Iraqis in ridding Iraq from murderer Saddam.

In order to please his pacifist international constituency, Obama believes too much in his often-touted rhetorical skills, his cult of hipster personality, and empty verbal reassurances from Secretary of State Clinton.

Napolitano to the Swine Flu Rescue

Janet Napolitano is taking quick action on a potential Swine Flu epidemic by directing Homeland Security to hand out fliers to travelers headed for Mexico. We expect that the written advisories will be written in every language including pictographs to be sure that travelers are able to read about the threat. Apparently, Napolitano feels that reading about the Swine Flu virus threat is likely to thwart further spread of the disease.

“It’s all about preparation,” said Napolitano on “The Morning Joe” show, April 27.

Napolitano said it was the state department’s job to issue travel restrictions if the flu showed signs of approaching epidemic proportions. But whatever action Homeland Security takes or does not take, you can be sure that Napolitano will impose the same restrictions and written warnings to travelers to Canada, a country which she recently described as a gateway for the 9-11 hi-jackers.

Be sure to read the docudrama entitled “Homeland Security Prepares Attack Plans Against Canada” posted previously on this blog site.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homeland Security Prepares Attack Plans Against Canada



The PRESIDENT is sitting at his desk, BLACKBERRY in hand, texting to MICHELLE NOBAMA. Another buzzer on his desk is ringing but the PRESIDENT ignores it.


BLACKBERRY screen. We can see the text which the PRESIDENT has received. The visible portion says "WTF are we going 2 do with this dog?"


The PRESIDENT is texting frantically, glancing at the buzzing telephone. The buzzer keeps ringing in the background.


BLACKBERRY screen. This time we see the PRESIDENT'S message sending out "We need 2 keep the dog, MICHELLE.


BLACKBERRY screen. MICHELLE'S message reads: "The dog keeps nipping at the children. Can't you do something?"


BLACKBERRY screen. The PRESIDENT texts back: "Chill, MICHELLE, I'll send someone 2 u.


The PRESIDENT'S face, annoyed, looking at the buzzing telephone. He picks it up.




The Secretary for Homeland Security, JUNE NEOPOLITAN, a woman of late middle age, porcine, with cropped hair, is outfitted with black protective gear from head to toe. She sweeps up a visored face protector on her black helmet and whispers into the phone.

Can you feel it, Mr. President?

Excuse me? Feel what?
The storm clouds are gathering...

Yes, yes, I can feel it. But WTF are you talking about, June?

The militias. Can you feel them? Are you feeling them, Mr. President?

Sure, sure, I feel it. The storm clouds are gathering. I know, I know...

JUNE NEOPOLITAN creeps to the window, looks out.


A throng of reporters, news trucks, and microphones is arrayed on the sidewalk outside.

Oh, dear!
They're not happy. They don't look happy.

Who doesn't look happy, Mrs. NEOPOLITAN?

There's an angry crowd outside my window. Shouting!..signs!...Ohmigod!

(thoughtfully and with studied manner)
Hmmm... Well, are you sure they're not Tea Party people?

They're not Tea Party people, Mr. President. They're Canadians!
(strokes his chin)
Hmmm...Canadians, you say? Well, could that be because of your comments that the 9-11 terrorists came across the Canadian border? It could be that...hmmmm.
(his face puckers)
It could very well be that I think. At least, it's in the nature of that, or rather related to the nature of things, as you all know.

Mr. President?

Yes, June?

Are you still there?

I'm here, June. Very much here. I'm on it. I'll get someone out to you. Don't lose faith. Audacity, June, audacity! I'm on it.

The PRESIDENT hangs up the phone and pushes a button on his desk. Entering immediately into the room is the president's CHIEF OF STAFF, a short man whose height reaches just above the PRESIDENT'S belt line.

What can I do for you, sir? I can do anything, anything! I can make phone calls, I can sit on your lap, I can do a grande-plie, I can enlist the media to help us out of any jam, any jam, any jam at all!

That's what I've hired you for, Runn! To do what needs to be done. To get this administration rolling, to keep it rolling, to make things happen fast and snappy just the way we like them.
Fast and snappy, that's the way we like things, Mr. President. You want me to call some reporters at NBC?

I've already talked to the top GE execs, Runn. In return for cap and trade contracts,they'll do us a big favor. They assure me they'll make every account of JUNE NAPOLEON'S gaffe disappear or heads will roll. They've put the kabob on Santelli, on Kernan, on that whole runaway train morning thing on CNBC. What's it called?

Squawk. It's call Squawk, Mr. President.

Well they've got that cute girl...

Becky Quick? Too smart for words! And went to a shitty state school besides...

Well, we've got to get a lid on that Morning Squawk, that we do. That's when that garlic-nose Eyetalian Santelli guy started this whole tax rebellion thing.
State school, did you say?

Rutgers, I believe.

Rutgers? You kidding me?

Worked her way up the hard way.

It's not who you know, it's who you blow...
CHIEF OF STAFF (laughing)
Let's not talk about that, could we?

I'll soon decide what we talk about, Runn. I'm the PRESIDENT. I'm the PRESIDENT. The PRESIDENT gets to decide, and I will make that decision in due time, at the appropriate moment, when the time is right, as we get more distance between ourselves and the corrosive Bush policies, and as we get the country back on track. We will, you know, we will get the country back on track.

Mr. President?

The PRESIDENT is startled out of his revery.

Yes, Runn. What can I do for you? I mean...what can we do for each other? I mean..what can we do about the JUNE NEOPOLITAN thing?

Don't worry, Mr. President. We'll give it the MMO treatment. Maddow, Matthews, and Olbermann. They'll hit our base.

Yes, but the Canadians...

The Canadians? Oh, yes... Do you remember when you told America you wanted to revise the trade legislation with Canada?

I did?

You did. But you can do just that, only make the revision a more favorable trade deal for the Canadians than the one we have now. They'll be pleased. They'll stop laughing at us, and NAPOLEONO will announce that tensions with our border nations have been eased through clever diplomacy.

The PRESIDENT takes out his BLACKBERRY and looks at it again.


A new message appears. "The dog has piddled. Get U R S over 2 the crib."


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party Protesters Wonder Where It Will All End

The tea protest was the start of something special across the country, says one of my readers in an online conversation we're having. She worries that the people will drop the ball. But I don't think they will.

I think the feelings of the country with regard to this administraton will not quickly evaporate. President Obama and his team are sending out very mixed messages, messages that seem to change every day if not every minute. Everyone feels the growing anxiety...

It's kind of sad that this administration, with almost 100 days in office, spends all its time looking back on the previous administration, scapegoating, diverting attention, and relying on the "honeymoon" effect to keep afloat.

These are sad times for the country. A weak administration can only encourage our enemies. Obama goes about glad-handing every despot he can find but no one steps up. The Europeans are content to let the Taliban take over a nuclear Pakistan, as are many Democrats, shrugging their shoulders and washing their hands of it. For all of Obama's "American image improvement," all he's got to show for it is 3,000 trainers who will stay completely out of harm's way.

Hillary Clinton promised "consequences" against a North Korean missile test, and nothing more is said or done, not here, not in the U.N. The missile test was a clear violation of a Security Council resolution. Obviously, UN resolutioins are meant for people running short of toilet paper....

The stiimulus plan sailed right off the launching pad without hitting its intended target (the bad debt the financial institutions are carrying) and who knows what Obama will do about GM and Chrysler. He's the enemy of Wall Street one day and its best friend the next. He fires the GM chief executive and then has no plan except more layoffs and bankruptcy. Will he ride to the rescue by asking Congress for more bailout money? Who knows? He acts like the Oracle at Delphi except that the Oracle didn't have a teleprompter.

Leaking those CIA memos was positively asinine when they led directly to Bin Al shibh and Shekh Khalid Mohammad and thwarted an attack at LAX.

Things are so bad I've actually begun to feel sorry for Obama. I'm sure that's wasted sympathy, though, as he'd surely have none for me. With the arrest of those journalists in Iraq and Ahmadinajad's renewed anti-Semitic fulminations, it's all beginning to have the smell of another Jimmy Carter administration.

Associated Content -

Associated Content -

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Only 3% of Newspaper Reading Happens Online

Only 3% of Newspaper Reading Happens OnlineIt's a valid story IMHO. I read crappy newspapers online (which is most of them) and buy print editions of the few really good newspapers which survive. Buzz reading online gives you exposure but not time to respond or develop your own ideas. Of course, you can't beat online reading for mindless fact gathering....

Geithner Testifies at Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing - Associated Content

Geithner Testifies at Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing - Associated Content

Reinventing America's Image Abroad

Was there any point to the President's trips outside the country? It's hard to point to any positive outcome from the G-20 conference and other Obama trips except that they were the modern-day equivalent of courtly visits. Obama was supposed to get NATO countries to support his military efforts in Afghanistan. Instead, all hte got was a promise of 3 to 5 thousand advisor/trainers who would stay safely out of harm's way. Maybe the U.S. should stay out of harm's when other countries are attacked and subverted.

Obama was supposed to reinvent "America's image abroad" as he often said during his campaign but all he's gotten so far is criticism from Sarkozy, Chavez, and Ahmadinajad and elsewhere.

Our Selective Moral Outrage -

Our Selective Moral Outrage - WSJ.comThis editorial by Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens must be read in its entirety. We live in a world of distortion about nearly everytihng.

In Praise of Michelle Obama's Victory Garden

I’ve been trying very hard to find some good news I could blog about the Obama administration. I suppose I could conjure up some praise, even if I’m not sincere, as I see many other people doing. Fortunately, Michelle Obama provided the opportunity for me to praise the administration when she brought a bunch of kids to her vegetable garden somewhere on the White House grounds. There are too many urban kids who have no idea how produce is grown, nor that chickens lay eggs, and cows give milk, and so forth. Just about every little kid in the world is fascinated by the way in which a little dumb seed grows into a plant that produces something after the flowers drop off. So now my praise is sincere, and I think that’s a productive avenue that Mrs. Obama should pursue.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whassup, Bro', Obama Tells Chavez

The name-calling is OVER! For a few moments at least. A nice little tete-a-tete between Hugo Chavez Barack Obama resulted in an exchange of books, a fraternal handshake, and a temporary end to the name calling. A week before the President's visit, Chavez called Obama an "ignoramus." When the two met, however, it was all smiles and brotherhood, evidenced by an intimate handshake of the type reserved for one’s closest friends.

A little bit more reserve would have been in order there, Barack. Since it was your first time meeting Chavez, you might have stood your ground with a formal diplomatic style handshake. As it was, you appeared to be inviting him into your inner circle as a brother.

About the book, okay, you had no way of refusing a gift but, in your infinite wisdom, you could have at least indicated, by some phrase, retort, or gesture, that you were not about to join hands with socialist revolutionaries and sing the Internationale. Sooner or later, you’ll have to act in America’s best interests so, to be speechless in defense of America, presents an image of weakness to our aggressive critics and enemies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Private sector beats in tracking stimulus cash - - Washington Times - Politics, Breaking News, US and World News

Private sector beats in tracking stimulus cash - - Washington Times - Politics, Breaking News, US and World NewsNot satisfied with reading Obama press releases about where your highjacked money is going? Now you have an alternative--a private tracking source. Excellent WSJ article by Amanda Carpenter...

Tea Parties Send Clear Message to Obama Administration

Look for the Tea Parties to continue into the next election cycle. Even small towns have held them. Expect the Tea Parties to pick up steam now that many middle class people who voted for President Obama are unhappy with looming out-of-control taxation. People have figured out that the government has gotten out of control, making a “Great Leap Forward” after fifteen years without tax increases.

Of course, tax increases by the states have gobbled up worker’s earnings and forced businesses out of high tax states. California’s nearly bankrupt and Gov. Paterson is trying to bankrupt New York with new state taxes. On the national level, the massive public debt will triple under the Obama program, and is currently being financed by our fellow Americans in Communist China.

But don't worry, we'll just appoint another "Czar." There's Obama's new auto task force "czar" and the new border "czar" so why not just appoint a "Bleed the Hard-working Taxpayer Czar?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strategic Plan for Somali Pirates: Public Fretting and Hand-Wringing

It’s really wild to hear the effete media talking about how it’s “impossible” to do anything about the Somali pirates. To them, it’s impossible to do anything to improve your lot, except fret and wring their hands, as they were doing for days before three Navy sharpshooters saved Captain Phillips.

I’m not a military expert but I’m not a defeatist either. We can brainstorm this thing and come up with a lot of solutions, I’m sure.

Rig up some decoy boats and float them through the Gulf of Aden to tempt the pirates. The decoy boats could be sufficiently armed to do the job or the firepower could come from other ships. Monitor the action with predator drones, as they did in the Maersk Alabama incident.

Although U.N troops don’t actually do anything, we could at least pretend to have a contingent of U.N soldiers monitoring the Somalia ports and docks to put pressure on the pirates. Even a “pretend” force is at least a message that the world community is united in the purpose of keeping the sea lanes open.

Air-drop leaflets informing fishermen and others of a thousand-yard rule for approaching small boats. After a period of time, begin strict enforcement, blowing violators out of the water. It’s possible that, in this scenario, some peripheral damage could be done, but let’s not forget that the Merchant Marine crews are also “innocent” people who are merely trying to make a living while carrying on world trade and relief efforts.

I could go on all day but I won’t. I do have lots of ideas, though, and so do you. Hand-wringing and self-flagellation are low on my list. Wait minute… I think the Pentagon is calling on my red line.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Good and the Bad Obama Weekend

We must first praise President Obama for approving the plan to whack the Somali pirates. Even more remarkable, the President didn't recommend they be mirandized beforehand. Of course, the Navy and the Navy Seals couldn't have been more perfect if they'd been starring in a made up Hollywood movie. This was the real thing, though, and before anyone says waxing three guys simultaneously is an easy lay-up shot, consider the waiting, the pressure, the self-discipline, devotion to duty, and the concentration it must have taken to wet the pirates down in their own blood without splattering brave Captain Phillips. There is not enough praise one could have for this happy ending for the crew, the captain, for the Navy, and for Americans in general.

And the bad news about the President's weekend seems trivial by comparison but, with five million unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs euthanized each year, you'd think the Obamas could have adopted one. It's not as if one's choice is limited, especially when one considers such large numbers of available puppies, purebreds, breeds.

So Teddy Kennedy and his wife, knowing the Obama dilemma, came riding to the rescue with a pure-bred Portuguese water dog. Why didn't the Obamas adopt a rescue dog? Adoption of rescue dogs is kindness and compassion. Unless one has a work-type reason, thoroughbred dogs are an ego trip or a fashion accessory. And I'm not buying into the "allergy" excuse--all dogs have skin.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bank Stocks Rally Behind Government Steroid Injection

The big news that propelled the financial markets over the 8,000 mark was due to the Wells Fargo earnings picture, about double what it was estimated to be. Nothing like a good shot of financial adrenaline to propel the bottom line. I'm not pretending I'm not happy with an up market. The Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac boondoggles, combined with other government sponsored flim-flam, caused me to lose thousands of dollars. Believe me, I'm no Wall Street mogul. I lost about ten Gs in an indexs fund and that's a lot of money to us, so I'm glad to get a little back.

Screw it, though... I'm not buying into the whole thing and the Obamamonics has effed things up, so far as I'm concerned. You don't treat a bubble with another bubble. This is a cover your ass government and a cover-your-ass stock market rally. What's going to happen when they stop pumping our money into it?

Another thing that bothers me. Wall street may have few saints but it's got more than the crew running Washington these days. With the Fed dumping on the private sector, we poor slobs are too diddled to remember or understand to what degree we were screwed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated by Spies -

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated by Spies - WSJ.comHere's some good news if you like living in the Stone Age. This is an area where government could actually do something so why do we not hear anything about it. Hackers and virus-spreaders are everywhere on the internet, too. Does anyone ever get caught? For violators I would recommend the death penalty or, at the very least, torture them by making them listen to a really long Obama speech.


The Morning Praise Hour with Mika Brezinski and Mickey Geist continues over on MSNBC. Brezinski and Geist mentioned at least 10,000 times that the president has a high approval rating conveniently tied to his overseas ambassadorial trip. First of all, I don’t believe in the polls they’re citing—I think the Obama Praise Hour finds the people they poll on the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos. If you dip your toe in a pond of Liberal Groupthink, you will find a lot of approbation of a left-liberal politician, but you will not have a realistic view of anything.

What is Obama doing, anyway? Does it accomplish a single thing? Don’t we have ambassadors for this? A state department? I thought it was their job to “make nice.” Obama failed in the one area where he might have done some good but there was a precedent for that. It was Obama’s job on the Foreign Affairs Europe committee to get Germans and French aboard for military assistance in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet he never showed up or convened a single meeting. I suppose he was waiting for his great moment on the world stage, which came and went with nothing accomplished in that direction. Once again, the Germans and French told Obama that they were not putting their troops in harm’s way. Plenty of “bonhomie” and 3,000 more bodies for the “non-combat” experience and training. Leaving our guys by themselves. Is that the way the Democrats define “success?” Apparently. The toady driveby media does the rest of the job. There were some bumps in the Obama road, however:

• President Obama, in England, told the world he was looking for a “foreigner” in the news media, an embarrassing gaffe.

• President Obama apologized to all and sundry for American “sins” going back hundreds of years.

• President Obama equivocated about “disarmament” as the North Koreans fired a nuclear missile test over Japan and toward the U.S. Pacific coast.

• President Obama failed to get the Europeans to put any more stimulus money into their economies to match the U.S. effort. That may have been a bad plan, as the Europeans believe, but it was THE PLAN.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Turks Arrest Man Who Wanted to Stab Obama

The story was first reported by the Arab newspaper Al Watan but it went out to the rest of the world through the Jerusalem Post and now everyone's scratching their heads about the man the Turkish police arrested for trying to kill President Obama.

The would-be assassin was arrested today by Turkish authorities and confessed his intent to kill the U.S. president. The man is said to be a Syrian who had been living in Turkey for several years. When arrested by Turkish authorities, the man was carrying an Al Jazeera press pass which he intened to use to get close to Obama. One of the news sources reported that the man professed to have three accomplices but no further information was given about the man or his companions.

Turkish authorities didn't release the man's name nor did they film the interrogation of the would-be assassin. The political activist group MoveOn Dot Org has not indicated whether they suspect the man had been tortured to obtaina confession, nor have they pressured the American Red Cross to visit. Errrr....make that Red Crescent....

Allah be praised for the free press at Al Watan. Leaving it to the "drivebys" would have allowed Obama's staff to hide it from public view. It interferes with the rosy picture they are painting of Obama's triumphant world jaunt.

Editors Note: I have been praying daily, even before Obama was elected, that nothing should happen to the man. Of course, I also prayed that McCain would be elected instead.)

Obama Transforms European Perceptions

Not much has changed with President Obama's trip overseas but he and wife Michelle were surely successful on the charm offensive. People from other countries are fascinated with the Obamas mostly because they don't really understand the U.S. except in terms of slogans they've heard. Just about anyone who lives here with eyes open is not at all surprised that an African-American was elected president but many, like me, are surprised that Obama was elected. (I thought it would have been more likely that somebody like Colin Powell, or Condaleeza Rice, or somebody of the centrist mold,would have been elected.) So the Obamas have a novelty factor going on, especially for the Europeans, who still don't know quite what to make of race, nationality, and culture.

When you talk to "foreign" visitors to the U.S., you notice a bit reticence among those who subscribe to the usual pre-packaged tropes and most are surprised at the degree of freedom here. Freedom isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world and that's why Europeans and others like less of it in their own countries.
However, even the severest critics of America are loathe to leave once they experience this freedom and opportunity .

Binghamton cops defend response to shooting --

Binghamton cops defend response to shooting -- Newsday.comThe police around the country have had their hands full and receive criticism from every direction. The issue of whether to approach a police call with abundant caution or with a friendly demeanor is something most of us will not have to face. Yet, the chance of making the wrong decision can be fatal. The Binghamton police acted with an abundance of caution, perhaps reading about the friendly Oakland California police who were shot dead while making a traffic stop.

The environment in which police must operate is becoming increasingly menacing. The Pittsburgh cop-killer was said to think the police were government agents trying to take his guns away. The Oakland California cop-killer was a Poster-Child-Hater-Hero of the Uhuru Movment, a racist extremist group spouting modified 60s slogans encouraging death of "the pigs" and the "imperialist oppressors." I can just imagine those guys in uniform.

We need to realize that the police are just like the rest of us, trained (mostly) and dressed up in uniforms. We need to humanize them, not demonize them. Some people may not agree with this. For them, I would say: Next time you need the police for something, phone the Uhuru Movement and ask them to help you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korea Launches Missile: Hilary Warns of “Consequences.”

Well, the headline's partially right. Hilary Clinton did warn of consequences, but that was before she was silent about the North Korean missile launch. And I guess the "consequences" she spoke of meant a stalemate at the United Nations where the world body can't seem to form an opinion on the subject. Not surprising for a world government body which can only formulate opinions of historical occurrences. Massacres, atrocities, thumbing your nose at the world—these can only be addressed in retrospect, when the topic has entered the history books. The U.N is best at "standing by" as in "standing by" when people are being slaughtered, as they are so often in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Sudan….

ABC Covers Binghamton and Pittsburgh Killings, Ignores Oakland

Leave it to ABC to focus on the parts of any store which fits their agenda. Everybody these days knows the PC Game and nobody plays it like ABC. The "Good Morning America" program spun killings in Binghamton, NY and Pittsburgh, Pa. as a gun control issue. At the same time, they completely ignored the killing of 4 police officers in Oakland, California which occurred in the previous week. It's astounding that ABC didn't even mention Lovell Mixon's cold-blooded murder of two traffic cops and two SWAT team members later as he lay in wait in the apartment hiding place provided by relatives and friends.

There's good reason for ABC to ignore the Lovell Mixon case. First of all, California has the toughest gun laws in the nation and ex-cons like Mixon flaunt the fact that the laws don't apply to them. Secondly, Lovell Mixon has fans. That's right, fans. Many people in the Oakland neighborhood and in the Bay Area surrounding it had only praise for Mixon in killing the 4 cops and groups like Uhuru have deified him for ridding California of "pig" oppressors. The level of Mixon's anti-police hatred wouldn't fit ABCs flaccid middle-class liberal lamenting of "guns in our society."

Nor is their any mention of drugs, pertinent to both the killings in Binghamton, NY and the Oakland, California cases. The Asian man who killed 13 people at the Binghamton Civic Center was said to be crack-addicted and, coincidentally, had moved to California for several years before returning to New York. There is little published information about his life in California so we can assume he just vanished into the vapors and emerged later in NY as a gun-toting madman. I wonder why ABC chooses to ignore the influence of illegal drugs on these murderers. Lovell Mixon had been charged with multiple drug offenses which may have played into his bad judgment in charges that he sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl.

The murderer of three policemen seems, at this point, to be a different matter though it is still too early to tell. It may very well be that he is Lovell MIxon's counterpart on the east coast. Both men were filled with racial hatred, but the Pittsburgh murders are a "safe" topic for ABC to report, whereas the Mixon murders are, to ABCs reckoning, culturally sanctified and appropriate.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Speak: An Obama Administration Language Guide

The following guidelines may be helpful in the day-to-day operation of Obama Life. There are other concepts, other euphemisms, other canards. Post your own in the commments section, if you want. But here are some terms you need to know:

“The mess we inherited…” Expect to hear this phrase beginning or interlaced with every speech the President makes until you blow your lunch.

“Foreigner…” Obama’s word for the toady European press, used first during a press conference after a G20 meeting. The president said he wanted to take “just a couple more questions” and then looked around for a “foreigner” newsperson. He realized his provincial gaffe right away and checked himself from further embarrassment by a quick, nervous chuckle, saying “heh-heh...I’m kidding. I’m the foreigner. Heh-heh.” Expect this not to happen again. David Plouffe, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod were not happy to see their guy looking like an Illinois rube.

“I’m kidding you guys…” The president uses this construction often and then smiles and looks around for Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd is a Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthews clone who sucked his way into the general news media spotlight after providing favorable and fawning spin about Obama during the campaign . “Chuck,” as the president likes to call him, can always be relied upon to through an underhand softball which will help the president underscore his public face as an amiable person.

Kimberley Strassel Says the Attempted Political Assassination of Eric Cantor Reveals What the Left Fears Most -

Kimberley Strassel Says the Attempted Political Assassination of Eric Cantor Reveals What the Left Fears Most - WSJ.comWall Street Journal SnottyGirl Editorial Writer is one of my favorites. She's cold, analytical, straight-talking, and usually right. The toady press may have declared a "honeymoon" for Obama but, make no mistake about it, the Dems are going at the opposition with kidney punches, low blows, and bitch slaps....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas - Health care-

9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas - Health care- msnbc.comAn unusually fine Associated Press story about which nothing will done. Perhaps the New Marxist government will build a hospital so that these 9 unfortunate people do not ever have to leave public care. The legalization of drugs would help these people, too, as the draconian Bush administration often busted people for trafficking, creating tremendous inconvenience for "those most vulnerable" to the sweeping changes that capitalism has introduced into our lives.