Friday, January 29, 2010

Chris Matthews Reminds Viewers Obama is Black!

It was only a moment, but for Chris Matthews, the moment was HUGE! For about an hour, said Matthews, he "forgot that Obama was black!" Wow, who knew? This means that in the twisted Matthews' mind, there was never a chance, until the State of the Union address, for the MSNBC host to think about anything else except that Obama was "black." What an epiphany!

But isn't that typical of a certain kind of liberal? You know the ones--always hurling the racist charge in the Republican direction just to get votes. Vote for Democrats--we're nice white liberals and we need your love as much as we need your vote. Remember that 60s song? "Love me, love me, love me...I'm a liberal."

Well at least the pressure's off Harry Reid. It was Harry who echoed the words of another great liberal, Joe Biden, in telling us that Obama was an intelligent and well-spoken "negroe."

Disclaimer: This message brought to you from the darkness of the Great Liberal Democrat Mindset....

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