Monday, January 4, 2010

Ahmadinajad's Tehran Government Doesn't Appreciate John Kerry

You'd think the illegal government in Tehran would appreciate John Kerry's request for permission to enter the country, especially when there are so many common points of agreement. Senator Kerry has given silent encouragement to the Iranian Secret Police as they shoot down protestors in the street. Kerry wants to smooth over any ruffles created by the Obama administration in threatening sanctions as the Islamoi-fascists race to develop a nuclear bomb. Kerry frets publicly that sanctions would only create anxiety for the regime.

"You can't levy sanctions on a country that worries for its future," Kerry believes.

And so Kerry wants to assure the Iranians that his objectives and theirs are entirely congruent, and that they can work together to further embarrass the United States.

What were the Iranians thinking, though, in rejecting Kerry's request for a visa? Are they so enamored of President Obama that they are emulating him in trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Aren't they aware that Kerry is a more effective weapon against Israel than any in the boatload of terror weapons they send in boats to the Middle East?

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