Friday, September 5, 2008

Would a President Obama Measure Up to a Vice President Palin?

MSNBC, widely known as the “Obama Channel” often shoots itself in the foot by learning too far in the direction of their favorite guy. So it was this morning when, channel flipping, I watched a clip of Barack Obama responding to a reporter’s question. Typical reaction shot, the reporter had asked about Obama’s reaction to Sarah Palin’s sudden popularity.

“Keep in mind,” said Obama, “that she’s (can’t bring himself to say her name) been involved in this for four days. I’ve been doing this for 19 months.”

Incredible comparison, but aren’t you supposed to compare yourself to the presidential opponent, and not to John McCain’s vice-presidential pick. Or maybe Obama is already conceding that Joe Biden will be the real president, and that Obama’s only inspiration is to outdo Sarah Palin on the campaign trail? It would seem so, based on these comments.

Okay, I know Obama’s really running for the presidential position, and that Biden’s his second place guy. I just marvel at another example of poor judgment and lack of perception. It’s unlikely that the Obama Channel reporter was trying to “trap” Obama—he was giving him a prepared setup question, the type candidates love to answer. But for Obama to perceive such a threat from Palin that he would flaunt the number of campaign months he spent in self-promotion as a positive accomplishment is a huge mistake. Wasn't Obama supposed to be doing things for his country instead during those long months?

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