Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington Post Reporters Sucks Up to Biden (again)

The latest idiocy in the Washington Post is when a reporter named Glen Kessler asked Joe Biden's office for a list of world leaders Biden has met so that he could compare that with Sarah Palin. The Washington Post actually used ink and trees for such a useless endeavor.

Now what would induce a "news reporter" to ask for a list of the number of world leaders Biden has met with? And then to compare with Palin--absurd! Left to Biden, Saddam Hussein would still be in Kuwait since he voted against the 1st Gulf War. His dumb-assed idea of partitioning Iraq could only lead to a doubly complicated Israeli-Arab style conflict. No matter how many people he's sucked up to, the guy's still an idiot.

What will the Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler do next? Count how many world leaders the washroom attendant has met under intimate circumstances and then compare that list with Sarah Palin.

Off your knees, Kessler....the Messiah is disgusted with you.

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