Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington Post Composes Paen to Obama's Anti-Gun Stance

The Washington Post continues serving as Barack Obama's jock strap caddy in trying to ameliorate Obama's anti-gun image with the public. Obama's anti-gun image happens to be a very accurate one but leave it to the Washington Post to find a hair out of place so that they can pontificate about evils of the NRA. The anti-gun people are mostly frightened of themselves, supposing they would go mad at the smell of gunpowder and start firing indiscriminately into crowds (probably at Republicans).

You never hear the liberal elite talk about taking guns out of the hands of the gangsters. Two cops were killed in Philadelphia today. Were they killed by NRA members? The violence happened in Kensington, a North Philadelphia neighborhood I've visited a few times to attend boxing matches. It's rough up there. The gangster boys have the latest weapons. Does Barak Obama go up there with his Secret Service detail and talk to them about giving up on violence and guns? I suppose that's beyond his pay grade as a "community organizer." Anti-gun legislators like Obama are only interested in the vote; they could care less that the gangstas in neighborhoods like North Philly roll with Mac 10s, Glock 19s, AKs, and AR-15s. Do gun control up there, Obama! Responsible gun owners arent' interested in doing anything with their guns except hunting, sporting, and protecting themselves. Police powers are very limited in protecting you from those who would do you harm. The police can't do anything for you until your door has been kicked down and some thug is standing on your chest holding cold steel to your head.

So the Washington Post criticizes an NRA ad that contains some old news about Obama. That's just another discussion of the number of angels which would fit on the end of a pin. Obama's anti-gun position is a long-standing one. He may adjust his language, as he does with most things, but he needs the support of the liberal elite. Being anti-gun pays big vote dividends among liberal elitists. The pathetic tragedy of it all is that the average fellow or woman cannot defend themselves against what one rapper calls "the Glocks in the Co-Ops". Obama and the Washington Post should expend their efforts in getting fully automatic pistols and rifles from the gangsters who freely roam South Side Chicago "strapped". Obama's anti-gun platform is pablum for the effete, most of whom live in gated communities.

Obama needs to stop playing everybody and get real.

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