Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Orator Obama Talks Pig Dirt

Geez, I’m worried about Barack Obama being able to take care of those two children while he goes around the country campaigning. Two of them, just count them! It’s a good thing they’ve planned their family so as not to have so many mouths to feed. Mom Michelle must be away at the hospital doing important work in administration. That means the children will be left alone emotionally especially when important presidential duties call. I suppose he could leave most of the important work regarding the children to his wife—that’s how things are traditionally done, and this is especially true in African-American families where the fathers are often absent.

I don’t know if it’s correct to say that Obama’s half of the family is African-American because his mother was a Caucasion, not pure white, but a Caucasian. I don’t know why I’m telling you that—nobody’s 100 percent of anything but it’s possible, I suppose, to claim that you are 92% African-American if 92% of “folks” claiming they are “black” will be voting for you. Personally, I think that’s very weird. But maybe I’m the one who’s weird. I have Lynn Swann, Sarah Palin, John McCain political bumper stickers on my pickup truck.

But Obama wears the pants in that household. Michelle takes care of the kids and has been sending them to private schools while Barack Obama gets support from the public school teacher’s union. Ha—he sure has them fooled. Or everybody else. Actually, Obama doesn’t take any crap from women at all. We all saw how well he handled Hillary Clinton, and now we’re seeing how he’s giving Sarah Palin a beat-down. Ha,ha,ha…. That remark he made about Sarah Palin was really funny and guaranteed to force women to hate themselves and their sex and to see the inferiority in being female. Some “folks” said it was really mean but that’s just Barack when he’s in a kidding mood. He said “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” Ha,ha,ha…. Women wear lipstick…. Sarah Palin…get it? He was trying to put her back in the mud where he believes all women come from, soiling the clean male Muslim way. Pigs and Muslims don't mix, you know. I think Obama was trying to communicate something secretly with that remark.

But the main thing I’m concerned with is that Barack ought to stay home to take care of the children. He reminds me of my friend Pimp Daddy, always rolling around the city in an Escalade. Smooth criminal is Pimp Daddy. Pimp Daddy has a momma who works and he gives his kids the keys to the house and lots of money so they don’t bother him. Pimp Daddy’s important, too; he’s been a community organizer for even longer than Barack, since the 70s in fact. Well, really Obama wasn’t a community organizer for very long, about 3 years he says, because the people he tried to help just wanted to move away from the mean streets where Obama wanted to help them live. So he went to law school and who took care of the children?

Anyway, lipstick on a pig is what passes for a clever figure of speech for a low-flying clown like Obama. When you’re dealing with Obama, you have to realize you can’t make a” silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Ha,ha. That’s a good one. Or a president out of a sack of talking pig dirt who knows how to handle women like Alice Palmer in Chicago, or Hillary Clinton, or Sarah Palin from Alaska.

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