Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama's Latest Ad Won't Fly

B.O’s latest campaign ad is hilarious—the one where he impugns John McCain’s abilities because he doesn’t email and doesn’t walk around with a computer strapped to his shoulder and Birkenstocks on his feet. Does anyone over there at the Obama campaign have a clue? The message they’re trying to get out is that McCain is old, out of touch, and not computer literate. Not being able to use your left side because his captors busted up his shoulders is not exactly the same thing as being “computer illiterate.” I’m sure McCain knows what a computer is and what a computer does. What’s McCain supposed to do? He’s running for president, not for a data entry position.

I would suggest that the McCain ad campaign respond to this with a photo of McCAin flying an A-4 Skyhawk. What the hell is a fighter-bomber but a sort of computer managed by a vulnerable little human in the cockpit who must multi-task it through a variety of maneuvers which risk one’s life? Landing a 650 mph fighting machine on an aircraft carrier sounds like a lot of deathly fun, too. Aircraft carriers are big when you’re walking on the deck but they have an unfortunate habit of shrinking down to postage-stamp size when you’re desperate to find it in the vast expanse of sea. Can Obama do any of that? Or would he be more comfortable in a data-entry position where he could “text” his executive orders to fellow internet café cabinet members?

Somebody ought to clue in the Obama campaign not to take cheap shots which target McCain’s age or physical damage. There are laws against both, though McCain surely won’t sue. He’s not a lawyer, and neither is running mate, Sarah Palin. I’m sure he’s amused by Axelrod’s naivete, but Obama must be less so.

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