Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama Admits to Being "Community Organizer"

Obama decided that being a "community organizer" in Chicago was a dead end job. He soon inflated his tires and went to Harvard Law School.

Wonder of wonders—a New York City newspaper endorsed Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is more to New York city than Greenwich Village, the Upper East and West Sides, and the trendy salons of Fifth Avenue. There are real people living in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Some of them may even have dirty hands from blue-collar jobs; others may have the odor of fisheries clinging to their workboots as they come back from their jobs. Of course, there is good reason for financial men and women to support the Republican ticket, as they fear Barack Obama’s planned tax increases will be the cement boots of a struggling economy.

The New York Post, of course, is the paper that endorsed McCain-Palin and that was played up in some quarters and downplayed in others. The New York Post also had an article which interested me a great deal. When you hear Barry Obama boasting of his work as a “community organizer,” one can think of all manner of things. The New York Post writer, Steven Malanga, titled his piece “Organizer in Chief.” The “community organizer” term is so vague and all-encompassing that one doesn’t know if it’s good or bad. What is clearly bad about it is that so many “street organizations” are corrupt and self-serving. Pouring money into them is even worse that pouring it down a hole because of the uses to which it is sometimes put. And those many “community organizations” which require “community organizers” often pay themselves huge salaries of taxpayer money with no positive impact whatsoever on the communities they self-serve. In so doing, these organizations besmirch the ones which are truly sincere and selfless in their desire to help those in need. Malanga uses Buffalo New York as an example, a city which is “worse off today than it was 40 years ago” and which has gotten the most “Community Development Block Grant” money of any city in the U.S. The writer-reporter Malanga also reminds Post readers that the “Buffalo News several years ago found that much of the money had been wasted in grants to organization run by politically connected activists.” And voila! There you have Barack Obama and his failed three years as a “ community organizer.” Instead of trailing Sarah Palin around in hopes of tripping her up, the soft propaganda media might want to provide us with more information about what exactly Obama did to help the Chicago South Side community during his three years as a “community organizer” before he jumped ship and headed for the safer environs of law school. I guess that would be when he figured out the “community organizer” gig was a bust instead of a buffer for his resume.

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