Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Memo to MSNBC: Bristol Palin is not News

I’ve been perusing the headlines and spinning the channels today to find some news but all I could find was the blather about Sarah Palin’s daughter being pregnant. I do think it is news that McCain picked Palin, because the choice he made was bold and caught everyone off guard. But the children of VP candidates are not news, and neither is a 22 year old DUI by Sarah Palin's husband. I’d expected him to pick Romney, a guy with known fighting skills. With the media leaning over backwards to shelter Obama, and going out of its way to find some way to impugn McCain’s choice, he’s going to need a fighter. My guess is that he’s found one, but meanwhile we’ll have to wait until the tide rolls in and then wait for it to roll out again. I’ll bet that, ultimately, it’s the Obama camp that’s going to get wet, and they’ll have only the media to blame. The issue couldn’t have been more dead and deadly if Tim Russert were the one reporting it.

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