Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain VP Choice Sarah Palin's Experience Exceeds Obama's

I don’t really understand how the wing-nuts are coming out against Sarah Palin on the basis of experience. She managed a state budget of $11 bn dollars with 29,000 employees, to mention just one thing. On the other side you have a presidential candidate with zero executive experience and profound questions regarding political and personal identification. So insecure were the Obama campaign people about their guy’s lack of experience that they jettisoned a sure-fire woman winner like Hillary Clinton in favor of a 30 year long-time Washington politician, Joe Biden.

The media, of course, has been sheltering Obama since the beginning of his campaign. Publications such as the New York Times obviously feel that Obama needs sheltering; he has become something of a media celebre, a darling of Europe who is destined for the White “Hutte”, in spite of Rezko, in spite of Wright, in spite of Ayers, in spite of Larry Sinclair. Certainly not all the things one hears of Obama can be true, but the fact is that much of the media asks seeks no answers about Obama’s experience, his paper trail in state government, his support of anti-gun legislation, his housing settlement papers, and his activities as a “community organizer.”

Obama’s certainly not a “gangsta” type—he’s much too elite for that. But a “community organizer” can mean anything. I’m a “community organizer” in that I coach boxing for a largely ethnic youth population. I don’t aggrandize myself by calling myself a community organizer. Little is known about Obama’s “community organizing” and no questions are asked. I don’t think there was anything especially nefarious about Obama’s work for Acorn, for Rezko, for the housing authority? However, I would like to know exactly how noble it all was or was not.

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