Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jennifer Claims American Women Voting for a Vagina

Someone named Jennifer just posted a remark on my blog which I will quote verbatim:

"The only women who voted for Clinton who would not vote for Obama did not vote for Clinton because of her policies or stances, they did it because she had a vagina."

It was an arresting thought and it got me thinking. Where does such a view come from? A man posing as "Jennifer" and who is an Obama supporter? An Obama supporting woman who sincerely believes that? This view does not come from "conservatives." And then it was inevitable that I'd ruminate on the opposite: For over two hundred years in American, men have been voting for a dick in the White House.

You can read the "Jennifer" post below but that person was talking about the vote for Hillary Clinton. She said that Hillary had no policies, not really, and you know the rest. But the message was clear: "Dont' vote for Sarah Palin" because she has a vagina. Vote for a dick!" It's hilarious, stupid, and also retrograde.

Personally, I find it hard to resist a candidate who lives so far away from Washington or Cook County Chicago politics, can gut a moose or fish and has been buying clothing for her kids in a second-hand clothing store for many years. I expect she won't be hunting any more and the Secret Service guys won't want to set up a security perimeter at the Alaska version of the Good Will store but for a while she was real and real stays with you. I don't agree with 100 percent of anyone, so it would be the same for her.

I expect that John McCAin will be president for the next years, and if not, Sarah Palin will be on the fast-track to the presidency. We like to model after other countries which have had people like Thatcher (grocer's daughter) and Merkel and Tipi Livzi and Golda Meir. I think it's about time the women of America had a chance. 88 years is time enough and I think both Sarah and Hilllary are definitely capable and tough enough, as Clint Eastwood said in one of his films.

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