Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is Sexist Agenda Hurting Obama Democrats?

“Get thee to a nunnery,” says the character in one of Shakespeare’s plays to the female lead character. The playwright then goes on to describe the litany of female wiles and sensual craft which might foil, soil, and befuddle the pure, noble, and unsullied male. The thing about Shakespeare, though, was that he was too sophisticated and too intelligent to believe what his characters were saying; he merely depicted them, warts and all. That is a great deal better than the Obama supporters and campaigners who believe every vague word of what their candidate is saying, and who supply context for every mistake, and who rejected one of the best female candidates for president that the Democrats are likely to have.

For sure now, they must tear down Sarah Palin with any combination of irrationality and fear-mongering. How can Democrats supporting Obama and their media sycophants be so concerned now with “experience?” The number one man has none; they must have noticed that. A second point is that McCain has all experience in the world, and every kind of experience that a man could have, and he’s the choice of Republican primary voters. There can be nothing behind this pro-Obama press crucifixion of Sarah Palin except a barely disguised anti-woman sexism. The same sexism that banished Hillary from the VP stakes. The sexism that marginalized Hillary in ways too subtle for many people to comprehend.

I would submit that McCain is far more durable than Obama. This premature discussion of McCain mortality is ridiculous in our age, where young people die as often and sooner than the seniors of a certain age. God forbid, but who knows what aneurism or biological mutation lurks in the younger man? Those who suggest that McCain will die or become seriously ill in his first term of office should purchase high premium insurance policies on McCain’s life, life insurance which would become valid only if McCain should expire in the first term of office. I’m sure McCain would be glad to help them purchase such policies. McCain would smile wryly and tell you to put up or shut up. A bolder, more courageous man has rarely existed in American politics.

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