Thursday, March 17, 2011

Social Security Benefits for the Divorced - Yahoo! News

Social Security Benefits for the Divorced - Yahoo! NewsBaby boomers are retiring in record numbers, often due to worries about today's economy. A former co-worker told me recently she'd gotten a surprise during her pre-retirement interview at her local Social Security office.

She was told she was entitled to a Social Security benefit called "Independently Entitled Divorced Spouse." Ellen was therefore presented with the choice of filing under her own record or that of her ex-husband.

Why 'Independently Entitled Divorced Spouse' Benefits?

The benefit made sense in our world with its high divorce rate. With a divorce rate more than 50 percent , the chances are one out of two that a woman will be retiring without the company of the man she married. That was the case with Ellen.

Ellen had married, raised children, held a job for many years and was now considering early retirement at age 62. After divorcing, Ellen had made the decision not to remarry.

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