Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NPR -- Radioactive, Unplugged - Yahoo! News

NPR -- Radioactive, Unplugged - Yahoo! NewsCOMMENTARY | NPR's Vivian Schiller is not likely to follow Juan Williams, the man she fired, to a broadcast job at Fox News. Neither will Ron Schiller, in the starring role of a Project Veritas video, as he perpetuates the libel of Jewish media control.

Vivian Schiller resigned as NPR chief after a videotaped meeting in which Senior Vice-President Ron Schiller (no relation) made embarrassing and prejudicial remarks to two men posing as potential Muslim contributors.

In the video, Ron Schiller disparages the Tea Party, Christians, "weird" Evangelicals, and "white, middle-America gun-toting racists." Ron Schiller was nonplussed as the Muslim poseurs engaged him in a clich├ęd and bigoted characterization of a Tea Party dominated by fanatics and a U.S. media "controlled by Jews" and "Zionists."

Ron Schiller may be a hard man to find. It was initially announced that he planned to leave NPR to work for the Aspen Institute , a liberal advocacy organization with a Palestinian agenda. But now the Aspen Institute has obliterated what used to be a statement announcing the Schiller hiring, and replaced it with one saying he won't be working there.

Yahoo News obtained a copy of the original press release announcing the Ron Schiller hiring. Perhaps the shared values of Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson mentioned in the press releases weren't the right values, after all.

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