Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate Democrats Aim Cheap Shots at Republican Candidates

Democrat Party flaks are taking cheap shots in their desperation move to salvage a failed Obama administration. The economy couldn’t be worse, joblessness is at an all time high, and the Obama policies have made things worse. Instead of coming up with a plan, the plan has been to campaign against George Bush (remember him?) and to justify the trillion dollar Obama giveaway stimulus by saying it kept the economy from falling off a cliff. News flash—it has fallen off a cliff and that trillion was largely wasted.

David Axelrod, an Obama political hack who works for whomever pays his tab, is questioning the source of some money coming into the Republican campaign.

This while Democrats have raked in at least 10 million dollars from foreign PACS without disclosing where the money came from. Obama’s Muslim pals contributed heavily during his 2008 campaign, expecting the U.S., under Obama’s leadership, to retreat from its support of Israel. That foreign money seems to have been well spent as the Obama administration pressures Israel to make concessions. In a heinous snub, Obama also made Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu enter and exit the White House through the back door.

You’d have to be daft in failing to understand why the Obama administration has received so much foreign money. I mean, if you were a terrorist, would you have voted for George Bush? If you were Ahmadinajad, would you have voted for John McCain?

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