Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pelosi Spanks Obama Press Secretary Gibbs

Could Nancy Pelosi have been any more demeaning to Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs? MSNBC reports that Pelosi dissed Gibbs when she exploded at Gibbs’ remarks that Democrats could lose the House.

“I don’t even know this guy! Who is he to say we could lose the House?”

That’s a close approximation of what Pelosi said anyway, but saying she doesn’t know Gibbs means Pelosi is telling the world Gibbs is a nobody. That’s the worst public humiliation in recent history. I’ve never been a Gibbs fan but that remark makes me feel truly sorry for him. He doesn’t deserve that for all his hard work.

So where’s Pelosi been if she doesn’t know Gibbs? Sniffing pate de fois gras at elite California soirees? Or getting a butt massage from her House Spa sychophants….

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