Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama Lawsuit Against America in Arizona

President Obama’s team wants to play “hardball.” Realizing that Americans think many of Obama’s policies stink, and will remember the stink when they vote in November, the administration is shoving as much through the pipe as it can.
If hardball’s the game, then the Obama idiotologists better be prepared to catch as well as pitch. Obama’s team continues to think they are going to “educate” us with yet more speeches, more “czars, ” or more bureaucracy. They wonder why we “don’t get it” even while many Democrats have figured out there’s nothing to be “got.” It seems that many of the Republicans are too fat, too bamboozled, too intimidated , or too weak to help Americans under attack by the Obama administration.
Eric Holder still hasn’t disavowed holding terror trials in New York, though he has most certainly decided against it. Why doesn’t he come right out and say it? His ego is much too large, for one thing, and too gigantic to fit into that tiny head of his.
And Eric Holder has been busy. He and the Prez are in private sessions on how to get America bound up in the recondite reaches of profligate lawsuits. The most important thing in the world for Obama/Holder is win the lawsuit against Arizona. It’s a lawsuit about nothing, but it doesn’t matter. It’s an expensive lawsuit against America’s federal laws, but that doesn’t matter either. What matters is that he gins up the passions of the factional crowds he has engendered.
My parents are naturalized immigrants. What they had to go through to become citizens! With an immigrant friend, I went recently to a naturalization ceremony in Philadelphia. I was astounded at how much money it cost them, how much time, and how much effort. My friend’s eyes pop out at the notion that you could just walk across the border and disappear into America and then Obama and his crowd will demagogue a Naturalization Séance for 12 million illegals. While drugs, illegals, and who knows what violence crosses the border daily!
While we must respect the person of Obama and we must respect the presidency, we cannot respect the harm and the shame he brings upon America for just a few more thousand votes. African-Americans are abandoning him, but it surprises me that so many continue to hang on for no other reason than thin air, complexion, and dream weaving. The city neighborhoods, just like the suburbs, are being killed by crime and record high unemployment and deteriorating infrastructure even with the massive overspending they call “stimulus. “
The Obama administration continues to juggle racial suspicions in the air, hoping for something that will happen to cover up the stink of his policies. And so, we have must spend millions on a federal lawsuit against Arizona and millions of other Americans. It’s the focus! The important thing! Bit your lip, gaze far off in the distance, and strike a presidential pose for the TV cameras! Onward!

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