Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama Immigration Speech Beamed Down from Planet X-(cuse)

Obama seems to have cracked under the pressure; he seems completely out of his mind. His speech about immigration reform seemed to have been beamed down from another planet, not the one common people live upon.
“We have delivered on the promise of health care,” he says.
We have? Where is it then? Our kid is over 18 and under 26 and the insurance company still tells us there’s no health care for her. Is there anyone who has health care due to the bill the Democrats forced through? I don’t think so. ObamaCare is supposed to “kick in” at some future date but the only kicking will be the kick we get in the ass as people realize it’s rationed and that the docs aren’t going for it.
More of his b.s. concerns education “reform.” Nice try, I guess he hasn’t heard about the violent shootings among students in the Chicago ‘hoods. Chicago tries to bar legal citizens from having guns but it seems to be okay for thugs to have them b/c no one says a word for fear of offending the self-annointed King of B.S.
The so-called “finance reform” doesn’t reform his pals at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the institutional welfare agency for Democrat political hacks which dispenses millions to Obama’s supporters. Oh, and I forgot to mention that these 2 agencies tanked the housing market, which this month dropped 30 percent, thanks to Obamanomics.
According to Obama, everything is “fundamentally broken” --by the Bush administration. Obama doesn’t get that people are running away from him in droves. If it’s “fundamentally broken,” then please don’t fix it! You fixed the economy, Obama, and promised that if you dumped all that money into it, unemployment wouldn’t go higher than 8 percent. Well, duh! Now that it’s 10 percent, Obama keeps digging the same hole and wants to drop more taxpayer money down the bottomless pit of his fantasy gold mine.
Now Obama says he wants to “fix” immigration. You lie, Obama! Translation—“I’m desperate for votes; my popularity is sinking.” He’s worried he’ll lose the House and then the presidency two years later. Don’t fix immigration, Barack, enforce the existing laws and help the border states. Stop fighting against America and help America!

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