Friday, July 16, 2010

Bill Clinton’s Much Needed Centrist – Pragmatist Image

You can tell Democrats are worried about Barack Obama’s slumping popularity because they’re trotting out the party mainstays. Bill Clinton is suddenly back in style, after those accusations of racism leveled against him during his wife’s primary campaign. Say, what ever happened to that Hillary woman, anyway?

Now it seems that the Obama administration is trading on perceptions of Bill Clinton as a centrist or pragmatist—take your pick. At least, we can be satisfied that there are a few Democrats left who recognize how far to the extreme the Democrats have become, necessitating such desperate actions. With Obama supporters like the NBPP and the NAACP and the Al Sharptons running around, it’s getting hard to find Democrat moderates to get out there in front of Obama’s “progressive” and highly abstracted socio-philosophical wanderings.

After standing on the oil-slick shores of Louisiana and beckoning money-spending tourists to “come on down,” Obama heads north to Maine with his family for vacation. Nice clean beaches up there in Maine, but it looks a little detached, don’t you think? Especially when many of the beaches in the South are also clean. Just think how much money the presidential entourage will spend in New England, money that could have been spent down South. But perhaps the Obamas have a certain impression of the South, and Southerners, that it and they are a bit beneath them. Oh, well, a president can go where he/she wants, regardless of sensitivities.

Then, too, it’s likely that those nice family vacation photo ops would be upstaged by the spectacle of oil rigs leaving for the Middle East and Latin America due to the Obama 6 month moratorium. Why stick around when you can make other countries rich?

Well, at least "Bite Me" Biden hasn't lost his sense of humor. He's still out on the campaign trail flogging the imaginary 3 or 4 million jobs that disappear and re-appear, but only in the minds of Obamacrats. There seems to be little confidence in the imaginary jobs because the paychecks, too, must be imaginary. So you can take the imaginary wages from your imaginary job to an imaginary store and buy imaginary groceries.

Well, there was a short-lived sucker's rally on Wall Street--but now it's dropped back to double-dip recession territory. Juicing the markets with taxpayer money doesn't make the money real but the debt is....

Housing is worse than ever, with another million foreclosures looming. Is there a single thing which has worked in this administration? The Predator Drone program's the only success I can credit Obama with-- Oh, but that one he inherited from the Bush administration.

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