Friday, July 30, 2010

Automotive Industry Financing Program | Eye on the Bailout | ProPublica

Automotive Industry Financing Program | Eye on the Bailout | ProPublicaEveryone's bitching about the banks, deservedly so, but the Chrysler and GM Bailouts accelerated as the Oblama Administration put pedal to the metal with a series of agreements that every business enterprise would like to have. There's not much which has been paid back under government ownership of Chrysler and GM, but we do own lots of stock.

President Oblama is supposed to be giving an address today which will emphasize the "success" of the UAW and GMAC, and GM bailouts but it's not likely to include real numbers. This article shows the current arithmetic, and it's not good. Obama will hopefullly be forthright. It's not until we face that facts that we can climb out of this mess.

Oh, and WHAT A MESS! the next administration will have to handle after the Obama administration fiasco. That will be a big job for the lamestream media to cover up, no matter how hard it works to do so. We're screwed. We can't recover until we hit the bottom. Meanwhile the President O-boo-boo keeps trying to cover up the mess by fresh cash injections compliments of us taxpayer saps.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Employers Can Verify Work Authorization of Legal Immigrants Through E-verify - Associated Content -

How Employers Can Verify Work Authorization of Legal Immigrants Through E-verify

It's against U.S. Immigration Law for companies to knowingly hire alien immigrants who do not have USCIS work authorization. Yet, there's a convenient online process which can save employers both money and time in determining whether a prospective employee is a legal alien authorized to work in the U.S. Here's how to use the E-VERIFY program.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

USDA Official Shirley Sherrod Claims White House Fired Her for Clumsy Remarks

Is Shirley Sherrod the victim of an increasingly tense racial environment? Has the "post-racial" presidency reneged on its promises? Can public officials no longer speak honestly? Should Sherrod have her job back? Are the Tea Partiers racist? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and no. Click the headline to read more...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Suspects Arrested in Disappearance of Shreveport 12 Year Old Girl

Two suspects have been now arrested in the disappearance of 12 year old Amber White from the Shreveport-Caddo parish in Louisiana. One of the suspects in the disappearance was described by the child’s mother as a “nice person,” known to the family, and a person who had never given the impression that he was capable of foul play .

U.S.D.A Worker Shirley Sharrod Fired Over Racial Discrimination Against White Farmer

This lady is a bit guileless in admitting to the sort of thing that has been going on for a long time in the federal government and elsewhere. Too many people of all ethnicities see their jobs in federal agencies as a means to redressing wrongs both real and imagined. The name of the game in government should be "public service" not "self-service" or prejudice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama Economic Plan Bad for Nation's Economic Health?

It's really a hoot to hear people like Erika Payne discuss the Obama economic plan. Here it is on CNBC with Larry Kudlow et al... The gist of it is that Big Biz which has cozied up to Obama gets lots of breaks like small business is dying in the U.S. Don't take it from me---check out the vid.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Michelle Obama: Visit Gulf Beaches and Hi, from Maine and Hyannis Port

Really thoughtful of Michelle Obama to think of the poor suffering Gulf Coast residents. Visit the "beautiful beaches" of South to help prop up the sagging economy down there. It's "down there" because we're "up here," in Maine now, and later we'll be in Martha's Vineyard. So goes the President's family vacation.

Hey, where all do you folks think the campaign money comes from? Not from those crackers down there!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama's Post Racial Reverse Strategy -- An SOS to Latinos and African-Americans

I don't want to get into the reasons why but I get a kick out of Dick Morris, the political analyst who used to work for the Clintons. Morris is not always right but he's close to the mark when it comes to interpreting the real political currents. I read his recent newsletter about the latest turn in the Obama political strategy for the 2010 elections.

As you know, the Democrats are busy, busy, busy trying to assess how many seats they'll lose and how they can buttress Obama's sagging popularity on all sides of the political process. It's pretty obvious the president has kicked the"post-racial" image he fronted during the 2008 election to the curb in the hope of stirring blacks and Latinos into voting for Democrats and, by extension, the President's failed economic policies. It's a weird strategy, to be sure, because those groups are as hard hit as any. What's more, the ideological extremism of Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party, and even the NAACP with its stupid condemnation of the non-aligned Tea Party crowd is alienating moderate Democrats and Independents, and conservative African-Americans.

Dick Morris explains that Obama in 2008 received the same amount of the white vote as did John Kerry in the 2004 elections. Okay, we're post racial. But now it turns out that Obama really, really, really, really needs minority voters, really, really, really badly. So suddenly we're not "post-racial" or we're "post-post-racial" or we're "reverse-racial" and must trot out the divisive rhetoric Obama eschewed in earlier editions.

Morris thinks that Obama's management thinks that this will make up for the difference in the loss of independent voters, but it is a mistake to think that all African-Americans are Obama supporters. And Latinos feel let down by the administration, says Morris.

Next you expect Reverend Wright to pop out of the curtains to join Farrakhan and Sharpton and Shabazz and NAACP and the mental midget who said it was time to kill "white babies." I'm not happy with this deteriorating state of race relations which arises from the desperation of Obama's failed administration.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sheila Jackson Reveals the True Story of Vietnam

Join the Democrats, the vastly superior intellectual elite which wishes to tell America how it should live. Here, the brilliant Texas Representative tells the true story of North and South Vietnam, complete with happy ending. The two Vietnams live together in peace and harmony, says Rep. Jackson, and America could have achieved that end much sooner had only it understood the lesson of Vietnam, as Democrats tell it. Kumbaya!

Maybe she could get Joe Biden to believe there are still two Vietnams but he's about the only J. Remember....Biden's plan was to beat a quick withdrawal in Iraq and split the country into three separate countries consisting of Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds respectively....

But hey, Vietnam history could use a little dumbing down. Those test scores would rise accordingly.

Bill Clinton’s Much Needed Centrist – Pragmatist Image

You can tell Democrats are worried about Barack Obama’s slumping popularity because they’re trotting out the party mainstays. Bill Clinton is suddenly back in style, after those accusations of racism leveled against him during his wife’s primary campaign. Say, what ever happened to that Hillary woman, anyway?

Now it seems that the Obama administration is trading on perceptions of Bill Clinton as a centrist or pragmatist—take your pick. At least, we can be satisfied that there are a few Democrats left who recognize how far to the extreme the Democrats have become, necessitating such desperate actions. With Obama supporters like the NBPP and the NAACP and the Al Sharptons running around, it’s getting hard to find Democrat moderates to get out there in front of Obama’s “progressive” and highly abstracted socio-philosophical wanderings.

After standing on the oil-slick shores of Louisiana and beckoning money-spending tourists to “come on down,” Obama heads north to Maine with his family for vacation. Nice clean beaches up there in Maine, but it looks a little detached, don’t you think? Especially when many of the beaches in the South are also clean. Just think how much money the presidential entourage will spend in New England, money that could have been spent down South. But perhaps the Obamas have a certain impression of the South, and Southerners, that it and they are a bit beneath them. Oh, well, a president can go where he/she wants, regardless of sensitivities.

Then, too, it’s likely that those nice family vacation photo ops would be upstaged by the spectacle of oil rigs leaving for the Middle East and Latin America due to the Obama 6 month moratorium. Why stick around when you can make other countries rich?

Well, at least "Bite Me" Biden hasn't lost his sense of humor. He's still out on the campaign trail flogging the imaginary 3 or 4 million jobs that disappear and re-appear, but only in the minds of Obamacrats. There seems to be little confidence in the imaginary jobs because the paychecks, too, must be imaginary. So you can take the imaginary wages from your imaginary job to an imaginary store and buy imaginary groceries.

Well, there was a short-lived sucker's rally on Wall Street--but now it's dropped back to double-dip recession territory. Juicing the markets with taxpayer money doesn't make the money real but the debt is....

Housing is worse than ever, with another million foreclosures looming. Is there a single thing which has worked in this administration? The Predator Drone program's the only success I can credit Obama with-- Oh, but that one he inherited from the Bush administration.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Logic : An Obscure and Recondite Reasoning Process

There is a new branch of philosophy “which owes its origins to President Obama. It is called Obamalogic. We weren’t quite sure what it was and so we looked it up in Webster’s.
Obamalogic means the application of an abstruse and recondite system of reasoning to convince the voting public that fiction is better than fact when confronting urgent civil issues. Webster’s provides several examples:
Sanctuary cities: This benign and innocuous term is often favored by Obamalogicians who believe that countries should not have borders. A Sanctuary city is much like a “caliphate” in that they interpose a law (liberal sharia) which goes beyond border limits. Obamalogicians say that it is okay for local municipalities to countermand existing federal law so long as the intent is for the greater good of those who are not citizens of the United States.
Creating or Saving 4 Million Jobs: This may seem a mathematical impossibility considering that unemployment under the Obama administration has risen from 8 percent to nearly 10 percent, even with the massive failed “stimulus” plan ushered in by the guileless soon-to-be-ex-president. What seems impossible, however, can be attained through the magic of vice-presidential fantasizing, and who better to fantasize than Joe “Bite Me” Biden? When your numbers don’t add up, there’s no need to be frustrated or vote for a change of government. You need to “bidenize” them. A little Kool-aid would help, too.
Stay tuned for more examples. Perhaps you have examples from your own point of vie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pelosi Spanks Obama Press Secretary Gibbs

Could Nancy Pelosi have been any more demeaning to Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs? MSNBC reports that Pelosi dissed Gibbs when she exploded at Gibbs’ remarks that Democrats could lose the House.

“I don’t even know this guy! Who is he to say we could lose the House?”

That’s a close approximation of what Pelosi said anyway, but saying she doesn’t know Gibbs means Pelosi is telling the world Gibbs is a nobody. That’s the worst public humiliation in recent history. I’ve never been a Gibbs fan but that remark makes me feel truly sorry for him. He doesn’t deserve that for all his hard work.

So where’s Pelosi been if she doesn’t know Gibbs? Sniffing pate de fois gras at elite California soirees? Or getting a butt massage from her House Spa sychophants….

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daily Beast Says Teddy Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson are "Progressives."

I’m frustrated. No matter how whacky this blog gets, I can never compete with the whacky elite on the better known political blogs. There’s a jack-wad on “The Daily Beast” named Peter Beinart who thinks America is lucky to have a president who is politically to the right of hard-core Marxist ideologues.

“There are vibrant progressive organizations, from to SEIU, but they are part of the Democratic Party; there is no powerful grassroots movement that stands outside the two-party system calling for revolutionary change. No one believes, as many did in the mid-1930s and mid-1960s, that if presidential reform fails, blood will spill in the streets. From Theodore Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson, American progressivism has historically occupied what Arthur Schlesinger famously called “the vital center,” a bulwark against the anti-democratic ideologies of both left and right. Except that today, powerful left-wing ideologies barely exist, and so large numbers of Americans can genuinely believe that Barack Obama is a socialist, if not a totalitarian. Luckily for them, and unluckily for progressives who want dramatic change, America no longer features the real thing.”

Oh, pity! My, aren’t we lucky? And he homogenizes presidents like TR, FDR and LBJ into one generalized term while waving the flag of “progressivism.” Teddy Roosevelt? LBJ? Progressives? One can only imagine the howling and whining there would be if today’s SEIU, “progressive” Democrats, the New Black Panther Party, the CAIR would have TR or LBJ as president instead of the current Crybaby-In-Chief.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama Lawsuit Against America in Arizona

President Obama’s team wants to play “hardball.” Realizing that Americans think many of Obama’s policies stink, and will remember the stink when they vote in November, the administration is shoving as much through the pipe as it can.
If hardball’s the game, then the Obama idiotologists better be prepared to catch as well as pitch. Obama’s team continues to think they are going to “educate” us with yet more speeches, more “czars, ” or more bureaucracy. They wonder why we “don’t get it” even while many Democrats have figured out there’s nothing to be “got.” It seems that many of the Republicans are too fat, too bamboozled, too intimidated , or too weak to help Americans under attack by the Obama administration.
Eric Holder still hasn’t disavowed holding terror trials in New York, though he has most certainly decided against it. Why doesn’t he come right out and say it? His ego is much too large, for one thing, and too gigantic to fit into that tiny head of his.
And Eric Holder has been busy. He and the Prez are in private sessions on how to get America bound up in the recondite reaches of profligate lawsuits. The most important thing in the world for Obama/Holder is win the lawsuit against Arizona. It’s a lawsuit about nothing, but it doesn’t matter. It’s an expensive lawsuit against America’s federal laws, but that doesn’t matter either. What matters is that he gins up the passions of the factional crowds he has engendered.
My parents are naturalized immigrants. What they had to go through to become citizens! With an immigrant friend, I went recently to a naturalization ceremony in Philadelphia. I was astounded at how much money it cost them, how much time, and how much effort. My friend’s eyes pop out at the notion that you could just walk across the border and disappear into America and then Obama and his crowd will demagogue a Naturalization Séance for 12 million illegals. While drugs, illegals, and who knows what violence crosses the border daily!
While we must respect the person of Obama and we must respect the presidency, we cannot respect the harm and the shame he brings upon America for just a few more thousand votes. African-Americans are abandoning him, but it surprises me that so many continue to hang on for no other reason than thin air, complexion, and dream weaving. The city neighborhoods, just like the suburbs, are being killed by crime and record high unemployment and deteriorating infrastructure even with the massive overspending they call “stimulus. “
The Obama administration continues to juggle racial suspicions in the air, hoping for something that will happen to cover up the stink of his policies. And so, we have must spend millions on a federal lawsuit against Arizona and millions of other Americans. It’s the focus! The important thing! Bit your lip, gaze far off in the distance, and strike a presidential pose for the TV cameras! Onward!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Netanyahu Security Detail Has Glock .40s Stolen at JFK Enroute to D.C -

Netanyahu Security Detail Has Glock .40s Stolen at JFK Enroute to D.C The U.S. didn't allow the Israeli security agents to carry guns on the American Airlines plane. They were stored in the baggage compartment, where four Glock .40s were stolen .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

President Obama Seeks Path to Citizenship for Self and Other Illegal Aliens

The following is a paragraph from the Obama speech today:

“… we’ve always defined ourselves as a nation of immigrants -- a nation that welcomes those willing to embrace America’s precepts. Indeed, it is this constant flow of immigrants that helped to make America what it is. The scientific breakthroughs of Albert Einstein, the inventions of Nikola Tesla, the great ventures of Andrew Carnegie’s U.S. Steel and Sergey Brin’s Google, Inc. -– all this was possible because of immigrants.”
Those are Obama’s words in his immigration speech today. He seems to have left out a word. Correct that first line to mean a “nation of L-E-G-A-L immigrants.” Having had everything handed to him on a silver platter, Obama has no clue to what my parents and grandparents (and millions of others) had to go through on Ellis Island and afterward. They were legal immigrants. And so are millions of others. And so are Einstein, Tesla, and Brin.
The fact is that Obama is only seeking the Latino vote. Obama would have deported Einstein, Tesla, and Brin in a hot minute, you can be sure, just as he deported my very intelligent Russian friend Alexei Vorobyov in December of 2009.
Obama has a Democrat controlled Congress. Obama could pass whatever bill he likes about immigration. Instead, he wants to make speeches. In his speech today, he left something out. A bill, a proposal, a set of specifics. On the other hand, Obama preferred to ostracize Arizona, a state which has unfortunately been abandoned by the federal government.
Of course, there is a hidden agenda to all this. Obama is hoping that his Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, will relieve him of the importunate questions regarding his birth certificate. In short, Obama wants a pathway to citizenship for himself, and the votes of illegal aliens who he invites to stream across the border.

Obama Immigration Speech Beamed Down from Planet X-(cuse)

Obama seems to have cracked under the pressure; he seems completely out of his mind. His speech about immigration reform seemed to have been beamed down from another planet, not the one common people live upon.
“We have delivered on the promise of health care,” he says.
We have? Where is it then? Our kid is over 18 and under 26 and the insurance company still tells us there’s no health care for her. Is there anyone who has health care due to the bill the Democrats forced through? I don’t think so. ObamaCare is supposed to “kick in” at some future date but the only kicking will be the kick we get in the ass as people realize it’s rationed and that the docs aren’t going for it.
More of his b.s. concerns education “reform.” Nice try, I guess he hasn’t heard about the violent shootings among students in the Chicago ‘hoods. Chicago tries to bar legal citizens from having guns but it seems to be okay for thugs to have them b/c no one says a word for fear of offending the self-annointed King of B.S.
The so-called “finance reform” doesn’t reform his pals at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the institutional welfare agency for Democrat political hacks which dispenses millions to Obama’s supporters. Oh, and I forgot to mention that these 2 agencies tanked the housing market, which this month dropped 30 percent, thanks to Obamanomics.
According to Obama, everything is “fundamentally broken” --by the Bush administration. Obama doesn’t get that people are running away from him in droves. If it’s “fundamentally broken,” then please don’t fix it! You fixed the economy, Obama, and promised that if you dumped all that money into it, unemployment wouldn’t go higher than 8 percent. Well, duh! Now that it’s 10 percent, Obama keeps digging the same hole and wants to drop more taxpayer money down the bottomless pit of his fantasy gold mine.
Now Obama says he wants to “fix” immigration. You lie, Obama! Translation—“I’m desperate for votes; my popularity is sinking.” He’s worried he’ll lose the House and then the presidency two years later. Don’t fix immigration, Barack, enforce the existing laws and help the border states. Stop fighting against America and help America!