Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Biden's Sin and Public Praying

You may have gathered I could be more religious. Nonetheless, I enjoyed going to the Ash Wednesday service at St. Luke's Catholic church. Being the wonderful person that I am, I had few sins to confess but deposited what few I had in a little fire where we burned them. It was a nice event, and uplifting to see all these people coming together for the 40 days of Lent.

I've always felt that the Catholic Church could have done more than look on as Hitler murdered six million Jews. But I was born to an Italian family and that usually means Catholic. Catholicism is an offshoot of Judaism, and I always felt like I might be comfortable with being Jewish. I like older religions and Judaism predates Christianity by thousands of years. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to go overboard on the "older religion" idea b/c that would mean I am pagan, and like the Romans would worship the usual household Gods. Truth to tell, I think there is an element of paganism in my Italian Catholic upbringing. You've seen the Godfather, haven't you?

What I wanted to talk about was Joe Biden's public posturing with the ashes on his forehead. Yeah, we know, Joe--you're Catholic too. But you must have calculated how beautiful it would look to the left-wing CNN reporters who photographed you standing behind Barack Obama. What a phony, Joe! Even in our ceremony, our local priest admonished against those like yourself who would advertise their phony piety in grand public appearances. Yet, there you were, with the ashes on your head, posing chastely for the cameras.

"Remember man, that thou are dust and unto dust thou shalt return."

Acknowledgement of guilt or of one's sins can lead to a better future so long as it is sincere. However, Mr. Biden seems unable to acknowledge guilt and now claims his administration had something to do with success in Iraq. No one has forgotten that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were the greatest cheerleaders for failure in Iraq.

Obama railed against the surge in too many speeches going back to 2004 when he used the issue to advance his career. Biden, the supposed foreign policy expert, wanted to create three Iraqs: A Shiite Iraq, a Sunni Iraq, and a Kurdish Iraq. I suppose that was so that he could appoint three more ambassadorships for his pals.

And now Biden stands with Catholic ashes on his head and claims that Bush's strategy of victory in Iraq was the Obama administration's "greatest achievement." Asshole blasphemer! Hypocrite! Phony! The Catholic churchs warns against people like you, Joe Biden!

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