Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

John McCain was singing the right song, at least, upstaging the Obama administration's latest version of Iran Kumbaya. Hillary Clinton finally found her voice in warning against Iran 'becoming" a military dictatorship. Gee whiz! When did that happen?

It's been happening for a long time and these latest paroxysms in which the Iranian Secret Police are murdering people in the streets met with silence from the Obama administration--until Hillary's broadside. But why didn't Obama take the muzzle off her earlier? Or should I say the "burqua?"

General Petraeus now wants to send some kind of signal to the Iran regime Now, it would be nice if the intensely scripted president would chime in, wouldn't it? Or is he still marveling over the wonders he's achieved by announcing "engagement" with Iran?

I don't know, it's typical of Democrats to leave the issue open for the next president. After all, Obama wants the right of condemnation if the Israelis should remind us that top Nazi Amadinajad wants to "wipe Israel off the map."

Frankly, I think Amadinajad is taking it in the nether regions from Hamas, and maybe from the guy who got snuffed out in that Dubai hotel room. Amadinajad would have plenty of reason for getting rid of an old bf. But how's this going to end? Badly, I'm sure, unless President Obama grows a spine....

I guess we shouldn't be too anxious though. The president took only 10 months to decide that General McChrystal needed the additional troops. Now he's sent the 30,000 troops and it already seems to have made a difference. Give him credit, though, for authorizing the additional predator drone strikes...he seems to have got that idea all by himself, proving that his IEP is working just fine.

Things will get worse before the ">Great Deliberator acts to make things better.

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