Tuesday, May 19, 2009

President Obama: Daughters Protected by Men With Guns

I was struck by a remark made by the president yesterday with regard to his daughters and the prospect of future dating. Obama pointed out to future suitors that his little darlings were “surrounded by men with guns,” and that he was comfortable with this arrangement. At last, I found a point of contact with President Obama. Well…half a point of contact anyway.

The president’s daughters are cute and smart and it is imperative that they be protected from the many who would want to do the president’s family harm. Unfortunately, the president’s men and women do not want to extend the same protections to those of us who also have daughters, and wives, and young sons who may need protection of the sort that Melia and Sasha have.

In the president’s case, armed Secret Service agents and others are close at hand. The time to assistance would be measured in nano-seconds, not in hours or minutes for the rest of us. We live in the country, very far from police. In the event of a violent attack on our household members, police would arrive in time to file a report but could do little else.

Do Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton care? They’d say they do, but really, really, they don’t. They would merely click tsk-tsk while we were loaded into the hospital or morgue wagon. Too bad, they will say—a tragedy. Which doesn’t help much when you are a victim of violent crime.

I approve of the president protecting his lovely daughters from terrorists, rapists, or even from those who would do lesser harm to them. Perhaps Mr. Obama will refine his anti-gun position to recognize that 2nd Amendment rights protect all Americans.

The only thing I would add to President Obama's statement is that some households are protected not only by "men with guns" but by women with guns, too.

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