Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Team Tries to Prolong the Honeymoon

The Obama Administration still tries to maintain the honeymoon atmosphere that characterized its early moments, at least according to the manner in which it was presented to a fawning populace in the MSM. But there are signs that the hysterical nuptials that led to President Obama’s elections are now giving way to buyer’s remorse, and possibly to an early divorce. It’s a little bit the way a cynic once described marriage—thirty minutes of flame followed by four years of ashes.

Here’s a brief run-down:

Billions thrown away to bankrupt Chrysler and the UAW while taxpayers are hammered by the economic downturn which is exacerbated by the Obama team’s failed spending policies. Now we are due to watch a repeat performance as GM follows Chrysler into bankruptcy court.

North Korea tests missiles and nuclear bombs while the president, in his inimitable effect style, is snubbed by the world community which cheered his election.

Unemployment continues to rise to unprecedented levels as toxic mortgage assets continue to combine with reckless spending, a cheapening dollar, and rising food prices to weigh down a recovery.

Will someone tell me how we are better off with this new team in Washington? I’d really like to know. I’m tired of hearing about the “Great Leap Forward” that America will take at some point in the ever receding distant future.

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