Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Supreme Court Choice Reflects "Empathy"

More changes in the lexicon of American government. You already know that the "war on terror" has become the "overseas contingency operation." Other concepts have been stood on end, too, but the latest is reflected in President Obama's choice of Sonia Sotnomayor as nominee to the SCOTUS.

We got a clue when the President went on TV to tell us that his nominee had to have "empathy" and an "ability to see through other eyes." Yes, that tugs on the heartstrings. We can forget about jurisprudence and the other irksome components of the U.S. constitution. We're going to elevate a new religion of victimization. The eyes his empathetic choice is supposed to see through won't be eyes of those who must pay out billions of dollars in nuisance lawsuits. We can expect that this choice will be popular with that component of the bar associations of America which makes a thriving business of filing lawsuits against the government and any private business big enough to rub two dimes together.

Obama's choice is purely political, of course. He's looking forward to the next election cycle, demonstrating once again how little he cares for leadership and how much he cares for image.

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