Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Psycho-Babble Hides Underlying Issues

The avalanche of psycho-babble coming out of this administration is staggering. It is intended to be so. The Obama administration fills the air with so much verbiage that it is inevitable that a challenge to one statement can be excused by a reference to another. So it is with the Democrats' torture initiative. The torture initiative is intended to keep media tongues wagging and to put Republicans on the defensive while the socialization and nationalisation of America takes place.

It's rather a hoot to hear billionaire Obamadores like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates praising the Obama stimulus plan to high heavens in the media even though they privately recognize the dangers. Bill and Warren are likable and agreeable fellows, as only billionaires can afford to be, and their greatest desire is to be left alone. The easiest way to be left alone when you're a sucessful capitalist billionaire is to praise the Obama administration so as to keep the communication lines open to the White House. That way you'll be the last billionaire fed to the aligators. Billionaires and Obama, they need each other, you see, if the rest of America is to be suborned.

Obama foreign policy continues to suck and no amount of psycho-babble can disguise the weak efforts and failures at national defense and international engagement. The international community, led by Germany, do not want to flood their economies with government Euros as Obama requested. Not one of our European allies wants to help with real troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan has accommodated with the Taliban in the Swat Valley and now finds itself in a fight which, if lost, will mean that our friends in the Taliban will have nuclear weapons. Did I forget Iran?

Defense Secretary Gates today warned Obama that his glad-handing of Iran's Chief Holocaust Denier will be met with a closed fist. It's no wonder Homeland Security Comedienne Janet Napolitano spends all her time contemplating her navel and worrying about ex-military people joinging militias.

Reality is something that this administration refuses entirely to deal with.

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