Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama Could Impose Value Added Tax

The Europeans are doing it so naturally, the people on the Obama team will adopt it.

It looks like a tax, it walks like a tax, it talks like a tax but President Obama often tells us that nobody getting over $250,000 a year will see an increase in taxes. Guess what? The president is lying or, as the current language revision has it, the president is selling you something with a “counter-factual” argument.

You don’t know “counter-factual?” Well, you do know “overseas contingency operation” so take it from there.

Anyway, the administration is now pushing a value-added tax which will be paid by anyone who buys things from store. You know, those people at the bottom of the economic food chain? With all the reckless spending, the Obamanamas have recognized they need additional revenues (there is a limit even upon extorting the wealthy) so they’re going to place a tax on manufactured items.

Nobody will blame Obama for the rising prices, will they? He’s “inherited” the worst economic situation in modern times. What a mess! And now he’s got three chief priorities:

1) Redistribute America’s income.
2) Get more money from the working stiffs.
3) Bribe his supporters like the UAW.

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