Friday, May 15, 2009

NRA-ILA :: BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. Senate

NRA-ILA :: BATFE Reform Bill Introduced In U.S. SenateIs there any lunatic fringe legislation that Sen Patrick Leahy would oppose? Just the opposite--Leahy is a cracked coconut as he calls for public prosecutors to punish those who saved America from further Al Qaeda attacks. Being of the privileged class with life-long entitlement, Patrick Leahy has plenty of protection at his home, but doesn't want you to have any, nor any of the other 2nd Amendment rights. Typical of the Democrat looney-left, Leahy completely ignores constitutional rights and constitutional amendments he doesn't like.

I can't think of anyone more embarrassing to moderate Democrats than Patrick Leahy, unless it is Nanny Pelosi who doesn't recall a 2002 briefing she had with the CIA regarding terrorist interrogation techniques. President Obama must find both of these people embarrassing at a time when he's trying call attention to major domestic policy issues. Obama recently stood up to the whack-jobs when he declined to hand Al Quaeda a propaganda victory by refusing to publicize photos of imprisoned Al Qaeda operatives.

Anti-2nd Amendment Nanny Pelosi (Government Knows Best) joins Leahy in a competition for dunces of the year.

Click on the headline to learn more about NRA efforts to protect our constitutional rights.

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