Saturday, May 9, 2009

Give "Em Hell, Barry

The Associated Press: Obama: Send me credit card legislation this monthIt's true that the credit card sharks offer credit even to cadavers lying in the morgue and waiting for burial. As you wouldn't give heroin to a child, neither should you give a credit card to anyone below a certain age--probably about 40, considering the numbers of people who can't "just say no" to plastic. Obama's bill would prohibit companies pushing credit cards to kids under 18, to be exact. But we're all paying for the excesses right now. Obama, dude.... I know that some 7 year olds are responsible for themselves and everyone above 14 should be, but I forgive you this credit card bill. The credit card sharks take advantage of kids, the elderly, the uneducated, the undisciplkined and unfortunately, we have plenty of all of those categories. If the card companies must act like irresponsible children, then they need a spanking and you won't hear me crying about excessive government control of free enterprise, not in this case anyway.

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