Thursday, May 14, 2009

Definition of Torture: Listening to Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

“We want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe, but do so in a way that also protects our values,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. UMMMMMHHHH…. What was Gibbs talking about?

Well, the Obama administration feels that waterboarding is torture, and in its new and highly selective “opennness” is releasing lots of information about the CIA and its workings in the war on terror. Oh, and we will not be using the words “war on terror” any more, under orders from the Obama Pin-Brain Trust.

Also considered forms of torture by the Obama administration are loud music and sleep deprivation. I expect next that interrogators will have to adopt new rules of etiquette and a dress code. Interrogators will advise detainees of their Miranda rights, and provide prompt referals to lawyers provided at the expense of the government.

What gibberish is Gibbs uttering when he says “we want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe but do so in a way that protects our values.”

What tools are these, I’d like to know? Subpoenas? Search warrants? Television appearances? At least, the president has bowed to common sense and refused to give in to his party whack-jobs in releasing photos of CIA interrogations. If you saw a picture of Robert Gibbs exercising upside-down in gravity boots would you think of Abu Gharaib? Sure you would.

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