Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer's Greatest Horror Movie: Samir Kuntar and the Smashing Four Year Old

Samir Kuntar is cheered as a hero by the Hezbollah-Nazis under the leadership of chief religio-fascist nutcase Hassan Nasrallah. Yesterday, Ehud Olmert of Israel arranged a trade of 5 Israeli prisoners for two dead Israeli soldiers. Among the 5 prisoners released was Samir Kuntar who led the nighttime assault on an civilian apartment house in Israel some years ago. Kuntar and his fellow sadists forced their way into an Israeli home, shooting the father in the back, and dashing the brains of a four year old girl with a rifle butt. The girl didn't die immediately and Kuntar continued his deranged attack on the four year old by continually bashing her head against the rocks. Her mother barely escaped, hiding with another child as the exhilarated Hizbollah "heros" lurched about looking to satisfy their blood-lust by killing them too. The mother, frantic to keep silent in hiding, accidentally suffocated her other child when she tried to quiet the terrified child's cries as she gazed at the brutal murders.

Is there a hero anywhere as worthy of Hizbollah's admiration as the subterranean swamp slime Samir Kuntar?

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