Monday, July 21, 2008

Smith & Wesson: Thanks for the Memories

Introducing the Smith & Wesson commemorative Heller v. D.C. revolver! That’s right, the Springfield, Mass.-based gun maker announced Monday it would present engraved Model 442 revolvers (pictured) to the six plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to the high court’s June 26 decision. Here’s the Associated Press story as well as a press release from Smith & Wesson:

Smith & Wesson said the gun’s right-side plate will be engraved with the words “D.C. vs. Heller” on a scale of justice, which is tipped toward Heller. “Second Amendment” and “The right to keep and bear arms” will appear below the scale. The commemorative revolvers will be sold in the fall, with a portion of sales going to the Second Amendment Foundation.

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