Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keep Your Hands Off the Kids

COP'S WIFE CHARGED IN MURDER OF 'KID GROPER' - New York PostThe "allegation" was that the dead guy sexually molested the woman's 13 year old daughter. If that "allegation" has substance (is true, in other words), then it's hard for me to have any sympathy for the victim.

Yeah, I know it was the wrong response; the mother should have let the police handle it. But these "short-eyes", the guys who go after little girls, ought now to understand that some people are highly averse to such behavior. The mother of the 13 year old female child may may have been at the end of her tether, and had a short fuses besides. And perhaps the penalty didn't fit the crime.

Still, the investigation should continue and, if the allegation is proved true, the court should temper justice with mercy and understanding for a parent who went very far to protect a person she had for so long tried to nurture. For such is the justice of a parent's heart.

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