Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Kerry Wraps His Arms Around Obama Campaign

John Kerry's about to go on another windsurfing holiday. Though Obama said from Jordan that the surge had reduced the violence in Iraq, John Kerry immediately pops up on Fox News to amend Barry's acknowledgement.

"The downturn in violence occurred before the surge," said the Heinz Catsup magnate.

This is a departure from Kerry's pre-surge statements that the violence was increasing in Iraq in the period prior to the surge. People who heard Kerry's shift on a variety of topics will appreciate the photo above, taken after Kerry's deprecating remarks about troops being stupid and uneducated and that's why they were in Iraq in the first place. Now he's insulting the troops again and diminishing their accomplishments.

According to Kerry, the violence sort of petered out magically. The troops had little to do with it, according to him.

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