Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barack Obama's Post-Modern Doublespeak on Iraq

Obama Might ‘Refine’ Iraq Timeline - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times BlogOkay, now it's official. Every last one of Barack Obama's positions has been altered. Obama announced recently he'll talk to the Generals to get a feel for "facts on the ground", worrying about a too hasty withdrawal. It's a sensible withdrawal policy Obama said he now wants. It's an embarrassment noticed even by the Gray Lady. Not to worry, Obama's post-modern double-speak writers have already crafted a speech which Obama is right now delivering to all who have caught the Rapture.

He's quickly moving back to the "withdrawal in 16 months" message. Two brigades each month, says the Obama Man, and at the end of sixteen months.... Which of Obama's different positions don't you understand?

Obama blanched when a reporter asked him what he'd do if, after the withdrawal of a few brigades, the country exploded. General Obama pointed to the military gains and the relative quiet that seems to have descended on Iraq, and pointed the way to Afghanistan.

There's where he would move the troops. But what about the troop committments and other support he could have obtained from the Europeans if he had just once, in the year and a half he'd been appointed to the Senate Subcommittee for Foreign Relations Europe, convened a single meeting?

It's really crazy to take the guy seriously in national politics.

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