Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rudy Giuliani's Morning Tour of CNN, FOX News, and the Obama Channel

“Inexperienced and naïve” is how Hillary Clinton described Barack Obama’s foreign policy views, and Rudy Giuliani visited MNSBC, FOX News and CNN this a.m. to say the same. Giuliani is back with gusto, criticizing the Supreme Court’s recent decision to grant all legal rights to enemy combatants who are now part of a great Democratic Catch and Release Program. Some Democrats favor Catch and Release because it frees these guys to go back out to try to kill more American soldiers. This is supposed to protect your freedom, but that’s a canard, because the ruling is strictly political and usurps the powers of the legislative and executive branches of government to make laws and set policies. The dissenting opinion of the court makes this clear and is worth reading but the Obama Channels will compress it down into a 10 second sound bite and tattoo you with a slogan.

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