Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama Bitch-Slapped by Hillary Clinton

On the night Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, a defiant Hillary Clinton failed to swoon in a speech that left the Obama Channel in the lurch. Clinton won South Dakota by a large margin as she made her point that 18 million people stood for her to be president. Hillary Clinton had earlier let it be known that she would accept the second position on the ticket in order to accomplish the agenda she has supported for 16 years. Many television pundits appeared panic-stricken that Hillary did not tremble in the shadow of Obama. No shrinking violet, Hillary. She delivered a triumphant and graceful speech with the confidence of a true leader, and a true American warrior.

The Obama people now are in the uncomfortable position of needing Hillary far more than she needs them. The pressure is great to choose Hillary Clinton for the second slot on the ticket. People know that Obama is capable of oratory but incapable of judging and choosing wisely. The elitist charge still hangs about him like the vapors of an expensive perfume. The racist tirades of Obama associates Fleger and Wright have embarrassed Obama and angered the voting public.

Never before in America has the saying been as true as it is under these circumstances.

"Behind every succesful man is a woman."

The slap that obama felt may have stung him, but it was needed, and well deserved.

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