Monday, June 30, 2008

The Low-Flying Obama Campaign Flames Out with Wesley Clark

Hillary Clinton Gets the Judas Kiss from Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton met Barack Obama at a political gathering in the town of Unity and the headline in the newspapers around the country could have been summed up in one word: “Fractured.” There is a growing number of anti-Obama groups in the Democratic party and it’s not so much that Obama won out over Hillary that explains the fracture but rather the way it was done. In one way or another, buck stops with Obama, in spite of the fact that much of animosity toward Obama stems from people like Susan Power who called Hillary a “monster.” Obama surrogates have been unleashed in a most unseemly way to bring politics low while trying not to splash mud on their guy Obama. Yesterday, the pint-sized former General Clark demeaned the honor of all Navy veterans in depicting John McCain as being somehow less heroic because he was shot out of the sky as opposed to slogging it out on the ground like a G.I.

Listen, I’m an Army guy myself, and I have great respect for the infantry, but I met a couple of jet jocks once and became somewhat familiar with their training routines even without a war. It seems to me that it’s a crap shoot every time you come flying out of the sky at incredible speed and must land on the little strip of deck of an aircraft carrier which must look about as big as a leprechaun’s dick when you’re up there. If it were easy, then why would they need those giant tensile cables which keep you from skidding out into Davy Jones locker. The takeoff must be similar fun—just imagine a badly thrown Frisbee with clipped edges hurtling from the observation deck of the former World Trade Center building. Like you could go straight down instead of up and way.

Anyway, the dipshit General Clark ought to read a little McCain history before opening his trap. I suppose McCain was a real pussy for bailing from the cockpit when an erroneously fired missile from a nearby craft lit up the deck of the carrier he was on, destroying a bunch of planes, a bunch of lives, and nearly the entire carrier. At least General Clark should admit that it was a little warm for McCain and the others aboard ship and plane….about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit…as the bombs cooked off and men scrambled to save lives or dove hundreds of feet into the sea while burning. And pussy McCain, what does he do a week after the fire is finally put out and the ship limps to port? He volunteers for another carrier group, gets shot out of the sky, busted up from stem to stern, and tortured for about five years in a variety of North Vietnamese indoctrination camps. Pussy McCain…how could he possibly compete with the fiery patriotism of General Clark and his boss, Barack Obama?

I suppose we will hear another scripted statement of regret from the Obama camp, but the stink is beginning to rise and spread out. Groups like P.U.M.A (Party Unity My Ass) at and Don’t Vote for Obama ( are sick of the sneaky Obama and they are fighting back. Most are former Hillary Clinton supporters who now support John McCain. Shockingly, they are nearly 100 percent staunch Democratic Party liberals who would vote for most Democrats over most Republicans. Check out the website to assess for yourself whether these are Republican “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and you will find a great disdain for the backhanded and deceptive tactics used by Obama’s people to purge and destroy the Clinton voters in their party. Moreover, many of these people are hoping that a roll call vote at the Denver Democratic convention will put Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket.

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