Thursday, June 5, 2008

John McCain for President

I'm ecstatic that Barack Obama will reject Hillary as his Vice-president for fear that she would, in her experience and political savvy, eclipse his presidency and starkly contrast his weak style. Now Obama stands alone. Well, not exactly alone. The mainstream media is in the tank with him, and they were a big factor in Hillary's narrow loss.

So now, with the Jackass Party having it's best chance of victory in fifteen years, the Democrats will move over to McCain in droves. That's what I'm doing. There's absolutely no way I could vote for Obama, about whom very little is known, except that he is the most far-left senator in government.

I've always admired McCain. He's a unique guy. And let's not march in lockstep. Obama reads well but so does my kid, who is only slightly less knowledgeable than Obama of foreign policy. McCain's not a Winston Churchill or a MLK (but neither is Obama), but he's a better speaker than Obama because he can work without a script. Obama's afraid of a "town-hall faceoff" for precisely that reason. John McCain is very comfortable in any situation, has experience of war, struggle, self-sacrifice, government, flying jets, and not being afraid to tell the press they are "jerks".

Obama's into the game for his ego. McCain's doing what he was born to do, to lead. It's in his genes and it's his life. There's a line I appreciated very much from his speech of yesterday. I quote it loosely:

"I'm not running for president because I think I will save the country (like Obama). I'm running for president because my country saved me."

Obama can read his speech to AIPAC and tell how much he "loves America" and blah,blah,blah, but who really believes it?

I hope you will go to my Support McCain page to donate to the campaign. Obama's got all these billionaire World Government Internationalists like George Soros pouring money into his campaign from every direction. Their goal is to shrink and diminish the U.S and make it a subsidiary corporation of Submission United Cos.

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