Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary Haters Savor the Thrill of Larceny:

How easily words spill from the tongue in the Obama camp.

So the latest drama from the Obama camp is the predictable scripted niceties which are being recited by the campaign’s trolls. Any time you turned on television or a radio today, you heard two things.

1) The robotic line about how hard Hillary worked on her campaign, and what a noble and fine person she was, and how only Barack could truly understand the agony of Clinton’s defeat.
2) The great desire for “party unity” would surmount the most difficult obstacles and even the reviled “race-baiting” Bill Clinton would climb onto the Obama dais for a Coombaye moment with the Obamites.

It’s a wonder they weren’t tripping over their tongues as they spoke in reverent tones about the triumph of the Great Orator and the hard-fought battle which pitched the Clintons against the Obama Channels and its slavish reporters. Let’s now forget Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, and let’s MOST DEFINITELY forget Florida and Michigan and their half-measure voters who didn’t like getting behind the Democratic Party primary sequence scheme to unseat the Clintons and go with the new boy, no matter that the country needs experienced leadership. Or leadership, period. Instead, we get Chicago politics, indicted Blagedowich (spelling) and indicted quid-pro-quo gift-giver Rezko, Reverend Wrights and Fleger, indicted Kilpatrick and indicted Acevedo, and we get Pelosi, Boxer, and Reid, and the San Francisco to Berkely Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test.

But let’s give thanks to Obama’s chief media cheerleaders. To Chris Matthews, who felt a chill running up his leg every time Obama spoke. To Keith Olbermann, whose hatred for Hillary threatened to overshadow his immense hatred for the Bush daughters, to Kelly O’Donnell who bragged about her political connections gained from graduation from Georgetown U, and giggled through her coverage as if it were a sorority bash, and to Brian Shuster who, in a fit of supreme idiocy, dead reporter’s instincts, and consummate unprofessionalism, attacked young Chelsea Clinton for being “pimped” to all and sundry on the campaign trail. Some word of gratitude is due Mika Brezinski, another member of the Obama gang at MSNBC, for being a complete though ineffectual idiot to whom only self-harmers like myself pay attention to. Did it ever occur to the fine folks at MSNBC that hiring the daughter of George Soros’ separated twin brother Zbigniew, once a Carter advisor and now an Obamite, might be just a tad incestuous? Does the parent company not mind the stink? Some thanks should be given to Jeffrey Toobin and Howard Fineman, aspiring but unsuccessful writers who have turned to being Obama Television Channel sycophants in order to keep themselves in Birkenstocks and the Public Eye. The print media is insufficient to contain such talent; it must spill over into television. There are so many others to thank, but that for another day. Today, we must congratulate the Democratic Party hacks who engineered the theft of common sense and the vote. It’s a fine job they’ve done, and it will be remembered.

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