Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton Exit Strategy

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary for three reasons:

1) She earned my respect and exceeded the expectations and image I'd had of her through the pro-Obama media filter. There were some other tough women candidates in the past, but Hillary was the only one who was tough enough, smart enough, and devoted to America enough. Sure, I had some issues with Hillary (and still do), but Hillary's sure an original and unique piece of work.

2) John McCain, the other candidate I hold in high regard, had the Republican nomination sewed up.

3) Barack Obama seemed to me so bad a candidate that I worry for America's allies, its people, its economy, its soldiers, and its future. I know some people want to make aversion to Obama a racial issue, but Obama (with his retinue) will be as bad for African-Americans as he will be for the rest of us.

Check out that John Edwards announced he has no interest in the VP position. Consider that Obama's minions do not want Hillary on the ticket also. Consider that I don't want Hillary on the ticket either.

I don't know "what Hillary wants" and it doesn't matter right now because I will certainly be voting for John MCain. Hillary's exit speech was dutiful. Except for the lines written by David Axelrod , which she read in a flat tone of voice, there were moments that uplifted. Certainly, there was a bit of triumph as Hillary addressed some of her issues. I've always been big on women's issues, too, in spite of a sometimes clumsy way of supporting those.

Everybody's in a fix except those of us who solve the problem by voting for McCain. I think there will be a lot of us. It it's true that a McCain presidency would last only four years, a McCain vote would put Hillary in position to run in just four years. I'm not even going to talk about an Obama second term--the country wouldn't last that long and there would be nightmarish upheaval. Obama and his fringe Democratic alliance, could do so much damage in four years that the Democratic brand would be permanently diminished.

Hillary did her duty by Democrats and they ought to appreciate the woman's delicate position. After all, she's now in the uncomfortable position of having to show props for "change you can xerox." But she did her duty, recited the lines, the slogans, the Axelrod campaign chants. I'm glad she gave her props to her husband who was also slimed by the press and some of the rabid Obamanites. The Obamanites don't like strong people with leadership capabilities. They don't appreciate Hillary. They don't like McCain.

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