Monday, June 2, 2008

DNC Rules Committee Kills Party Unity: Puerto Rico Embarasses Obama

There are two Democratic parties and, in spite of all the Coombaye rhetoric, they’re not likely to merge any time soon. The Lunatic Fringe has grown stronger since Bill Clinton left office and currently dominates. The old Democratic Party is buried and the lunatic fringe has already written its epitaph. The nutjobs who have wrested control were a long time looking for an avatar like Barack Obama to promote extreme views like firearms bans, peace at any price, racismo, nanny-state “progressivism”, neo-Marxist dialectics, demagoguery, pandering, rationalization, relativism in all things--old Chicago style politics dressed up in new clothes.

The vote in Puerto Rico has to be an embarrassment for the Lunatic Fringe. It’s impossible to spin a 68% to 32% margin of victory for Clinton, but the nice thing about the nutjobs of the lunatic fringe is that one’s politics need not be attached in any way to the realities. The votes in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, and in so many other places only pushed the surrealist nutjobs adopt more tenuous positions, as the Fringe became more intent and desperate to rid itself of that “old” centrist, sensible, and realistic element which confined the Democrats to earthly limits. An Obama as nominee frees the Party of all earthly constraints, and allows imaginations to run wild. Democrats of the Lunatic Fringe will be able to live forever in a world of their own imaginations, free of care, of worry, and forever free of war, calamity, natural disaster. Most exhilarating of all, they are told, they will be free of President Bush.

So to make this dream possible, the DNC Rules Committee conducted this charade of a public hearing in which the outcome was pre-ordained. It was the fractious Lunatic Fringe which lobbied and made war on the Clintons early on to make this the first affirmative action presidential campaign in history. Wasn’t it the DNC which moved up the South Carolina primary to favor Obama? That’s what made Florida and Michigan bolt from the herd. And wasn’t it Obama who toadied up to the Lunatic Fringe by removing his name from the ballot? Chris Dodd was smart enough to keep his own name on the Michigan ballot and so was Kucinich. Now, B.O has ordered his troops to begin saying nice things about Hillary in order to cajole her into submission, no matter how contrived and stupid it looks. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have sprinkled fairy dust on Howard Dean, who has not been heard from since the Texas Primary. Vicious rumors are spreading through the internet chat forums that Dean has fled the country or died, and CNBC is all over Karl Rove to confirm that the rumors originated with him. It’s wondrous how peeved and deflated the Lunatic Fringe Democrats can be when confronted with any normally intelligent Republican politician with a rounded head. The show goes on. The Fringe is intent upon highjacking and theft. The popular vote means nothing and neither do the people who troubled themselves greatly to vote. The conspiracy and manipulations are almost at an end. And the stupid bastards are yet running around trying to brainwash centrist Democrats into getting behind the worst candidate the Dems ever had and checking in on the disingenuous slogan of party unity.

Include me out. I don’t want “party unity.” I don’t want Hillary Clinton in a Number 2 position to legitimize and buttress an Obama candidacy. I don’t want to have anything to do with a guy who took twenty years to leave a church whose main man is a racist. Don’t even bother to mention the self-loathing, ingratiating, belly-crawling, racist megalomaniac Fleger. Trust me, I do know the price of Arugula.

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